Identifying Trends: Analyzing Statistics for Profitable Betting

Statistics can be great allies for anyone who wants to succeed in sports betting. With them, we can have an idea of ​​the possible prognosis of a particular match or championship.

Today, we bring you an article about statistics so that you understand how this tool can contribute to your guesses. We will show its importance, examples and much more. Keep reading and understand everything about it!

Importance of statistics

The subject of probabilities is no longer something seen only in school. You must have noticed that the sports betting market is on the rise in Brazil and it involves this, right? In general, statistics can indicate what the best bet game to earn money in a tournament. They contain all the most important events. There is a stigma that betting is pure luck, but this is far from the truth.

Of course, when it comes to a game, anything can happen. However, for those who want to bet seriously and assertively, statistics are fundamental. You will understand more about them below!

Examples of statistics

In order for you to better understand everything that is possible to obtain with statistics, we have separated some examples of use in the football club and basketball. However, they only show a small part of what is available.


Starting with football. In a clash between two teams, you can access statistics such as:

  • Goals in recent games: here, enter data such as, for example, the team that scored the first goal in recent matches, average goals and even if both teams scored;
  • wins: information about victories is very important so that you know which team is in the best phase and which has won the most games in recent times.

An alternative, for example, is to see the team that scored the first goal more times, and bet on it to open the scoreboard. A safer option would be to check who won the most in the last matches and make your guess on the victory of this club.

An important detail is that there are data on the direct confrontation between two clubs. In a game of team A against team B, it is feasible to see who has been more successful in the last few games, in addition to the number of draws.


In basketball, you can also find some interesting statistics that are useful to know who to bet on. Some examples are:

  1. Spots: through this data, it is possible to know which team was below a certain amount of points in recent disputes;
  1. wins: similar to football statistics. There is data, for example, on the team that most won the last few games and the victory of the teams at home and away from home.

Point information can be used as a basis for those who want to take advantage of the over/under market. In it, you can bet on whether the total points of a team will be greater or less than a certain value.

where to find statistics

There are two possibilities for those who want to find statistics about sports. The first is to use websites and applications designed to disseminate this type of information. The second is to choose a bookmaker that also offers this feature. There may be differences between the two, but the statistics of the two alternatives can help you a lot to know who to bet on.

Use odds in conjunction with statistics

A final tip that we would like to pass on is that you use the bookmaker odds in conjunction with the statistics. As quotes are linked to the probability of an event happening, they are also a good indicator.

The lower the odd value, the greater the chance of the event happening and vice versa. If we analyze the bets on the winner of a championship, we can conclude that the team with the lowest quotation is the favorite to take the title, for example.


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