beaches in Portugal

beaches in Portugal Portugal has been, in recent years, a target of growing tourism. In 2018, almost 13 million visitors went to Portugal for a holiday. To put this number in perspective, Portugal has less of 10 million inhabitants. Even among its inhabitants, many make the so-called “go outside, here inside”, that is, domestic tourism. Lisbon, Porto and Sintra lead the places with the most visits, in a growing trend of urban and historical tourism that is gaining more and more fans. Even media figures such as Madonna or Michael Fassbender chose Lisbon to move. However, beach tourism was not forgotten or left out, and it still represents a good part of the country's tourist income. Proof of its still importance, are the concerns of political and economic bodies with Brexit, and how it can affect tourism from the United Kingdom, one of the main target audiences of Algarve beaches. The combination of its climate (a Mediterranean climate with influences from the Atlantic climate) with its long stretch of coast (more than 900km of sand and ravines) with generally fine white sand, with the natural and humble way of welcoming tourists, so famously praised, make Portugal an increasingly desirable place for beach tourism. We cannot forget the islands, Madeira and Azores, which despite having a richer tourist element in other aspects, also have incredible beaches. Portugal also ends up benefiting as a bathing destination in the Mediterranean due to the political instability and insecurity experienced in competing countries in this market, namely the Maghreb countries, such as Tunisia or Libya. In future posts we hope to address and inform you better about the beaches of this incredible country. We will tour the country from north to south, naming and describing the best known beaches, the least known, showing what to do at those times when you can't (or rather shouldn't) sunbathe, as well as access the same. Information about activities for the health and well-being of your body will also be given, and whenever possible some historical background will also be given. We will order them in geographic order, since obviously we could not use subjective criteria, such as beauty and charm, which would be too difficult. Among the inhabitants of the Portuguese coast, there is no one who does not say that its beach is the best of all and takes it too seriously to say that it may be some other beach. In fact, the choice of the best beach in Portugal is subjective to so many factors, that it becomes almost impossible to choose one and please Greeks and Trojans. Because some have the finest sand, the other the warmer sea, some have more nighttime attractions, some have great restaurants and others more urban tourism. The preference of the bather, and the type of vacation he wants (as well as the budget) dictate, from his point of view, which is actually the best beach. As far as possible, we will try to leave here the necessary information and details so that you can, from wherever you are, decide for yourself on this difficult question of which is the best beach in Portugal.


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