Santa Catarina green areas are part of the concession project

The Serra do Tabuleiro State Park is one of the locations included in the Conservation Units Concession Structuring Program
Photo: For dissemination purposes/Environment Institute

Located in Greater Florianópolis, the Serra do Tabuleiro State Park is one of the 34 locations where the Conservation Units Concession Structuring Program will operate. The initiative supported by the Government of the State of Santa Catarina proposes to conciliate environmental preservation, sustainable tourism, income generation and regional development through ecotourism.

The actions will be carried out based on the contract signed between the Instituto do Meio Ambiente (IMA) and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). And with the intervention of SC Participações e Soluções SA (SCPAR), the project has advanced to implement ecological actions in the state.

Among the units covered, five are located in Santa Catarina. They are: Serra Furada State Park, in Orleans; Fritz Plaumann State Park in Concordia; Rio Canoas State Park, in Campos Novos; and Acaraí State Park, in São Francisco do Sul, in addition to the Serra do Tabuleiro State Park itself.

The partnership with BNDES makes it possible to carry out studies and diagnoses to support bids for concessionaires that will be responsible for structuring and operating tourism at the Units. The BNDES is responsible for contracting studies to define the economic-financial modeling for concessions in the Parks and for supporting and monitoring the bidding processes conducted by the state.

Among the actions that the concessionaires should implement in the Parks, we highlight the investment in service structures, such as visitor centers, trails, restrooms and parking lots; revitalization, modernization, operation and maintenance of tourist and environmental education services and expansion and innovation in the offer of attractions, enabling continuous improvement in the quality of services and the socioeconomic development of the surrounding communities through ecological tourism.

The contract with BNDES has a term of 24 months and, at the end, concessions are expected to be granted in conservation units that are economically viable.

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