Attractions that accept cryptocurrencies in Florianópolis

The use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, among other cryptocurrencies is widely accepted in different parts of the world. Many tourists traveling around the world use this payment method to shop at markets, place an order at restaurants or pay for transportation.

Regardless of the purpose for which you use your cryptocurrencies, it is essential to know how these digital currencies are accepted within Florianópolis. Check out some attractions where you can use your cryptocurrencies to pay for food, accommodation and more.

Restaurants and barbershops

You will find different places that accept cryptocurrencies in Florianópolis. The first, and most important for those who are hungry, is the restaurant. One of the units that accept payment in cryptocurrencies is Churrascaria Ponta D'Agulha. After partner with Bancryp, this steakhouse now accepts digital currencies.

With this, visitors can walk around Florianópolis and, when necessary, pay their bill with cryptocurrencies. It doesn't matter what digital currency you have, just use blockchain technology to make your transactions and be able to pay for the meal you intend to make.

You will be able to easily access a place with internet to make your transactions and even use your balance in bets that accept cryptocurrencies while waiting your turn in the steakhouse line, in case you have to wait. This is also valid for barbershops that accept digital currencies.

Barbearia VIP, a very popular place in Florianópolis and frequented by many locals, also accepts payments in cryptocurrencies. With several units in the capital of Santa Catarina, Barbearia VIP also receives tourists who seek to improve their look while visiting Floripa.

The payment system for services provided by Barbearia VIP is the same as that mentioned for the Ponta D'Agulha steakhouse. Just use the balance in your digital wallet, transfer the amount to pay for the service and, finally, wait for the transaction to be carried out successfully.

Florianópolis offers even more options

As cryptocurrencies gain more space among users, with record levels in the number of wallets, it is expected that even more establishments will allow the use of this payment method to pay for products or services offered by the company in question.

The best way to verify that the location you are visiting accepts cryptocurrencies is to contact whoever is responsible for the cashier or reception and verify that this payment method is accepted. Some places even have stickers which, whoever is visiting, can quickly identify if cryptocurrencies are accepted.

Florianópolis has many places for tourism and, as it is a tourist city, it constantly adapts to new developments. That way, if you are looking for a way to get around Floripa and, at the same time, use your digital currencies to pay for the services and products you purchase in the capital of Santa Catarina, you can find several places to use them.

To use cryptocurrencies, make sure you already have access to your regularized digital wallet so that, when you need to, you can use digital currencies and buy the necessary services or products.


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