Paralamas do Sucesso played in the capital

A string of hits by the band excited the audience at the opening of Square Music. The night marked the opening of Square Music, a new event venue in Florianópolis. Located at SC 401, at Canasvieiras, the project draws attention both for its red color and for its distinctive design. The inside is also beautiful. As I was able to visit almost all areas, with the exception of the tables at the bottom and the backstage, I saw that the place is very well organized. However, it is still visibly with the unfinished works. An example is the parking lot, which is far from the entrance and is very muddy. There was also a lack of communication between the security of the place. To go from the mezzanine to the dance floor, I had to leave and go around the Square, as the security guard did not allow the passage through the stairs inside. Later, to return to the mezzanine, again the security did not let me use the stairs to go up, and so I had to go around the place again.

The Paralamas do Sucesso

Around 0:30 am, the place was already packed, so much so that I couldn't find a good place to watch the show, which would start just 40 minutes later. This is another failure of the enterprise: lack of planning for press professionals. I saw several photographers running around the place with professional cameras in hand, looking for a good place to photograph the event, but without much success. I think a place should be reserved in front of the tables for the press professionals to watch, as I had to stretch myself to achieve this feat, and photograph the event. However, the show was worth it. The strategy of inviting one of the biggest national rock bands to open the house worked: a great presentation by Paralamas do Sucesso and several songs sung in chorus by the audience. The opening song was the instrumental Vulcão Dub, and soon after the song Alagados was inserted, which had the audience singing and jumping with its dancing melody. Incidentally, that was an interesting feature of the show. The group led by Herbert Vianna communicated little with the audience, limiting themselves to requests for applause for the audio team and for tennis player Gustavo Kuerten, in addition to asking questions such as ''are you tired yet?''. And only. Despite this, the band gave preference to the songs, playing practically 30 songs in less than 2 hours, going through all the phases of the group.

The Paralamas do Sucesso

Something that caught my attention, and could serve as an example for all bands, is the differentiated use of the “screen”. In addition to the traditional background images, at the beginning of each song the name of the song, year of release and album cover were shown. In addition to being very beautiful aesthetically, the tool is very useful to follow the show and remember the name of some songs. On stage, the Paralamas did very well. While many bands lose their rhythm after 30 years of career, they continue with a young spirit, wasting energy, as in Meu Erro, and technical quality, visible in the song Óculos. In addition, I was impressed with the band's approach, which managed to play for almost 2 hours with practically no breaks. A show that certainly pleased the band's fans and guests at the opening of Square Music.   Gabriel Lima Photos: Gabriel Lima


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