18th Civilian Concreting


Even with the heavy rain, the 18th party of Concrete Civil enlivened the night of Saturday, April 01st, in Florianópolis. The traditional open bar of caipirinhas at the party was a success with the new kiwi caipirinha. In addition to five thousand liters of Budweiser draft beer and two hours of tequila, the party featured vodka, soda, water and greenback, the drink of ATEC (Atlética da Engenharia Civil). 

The party, which took place at Stage Music Park, featured two stages. On the electronic stage, the guest DJs were Aspeckt, Hencke, Wyro and Marcelo Oriano. And the projections, which gave a special atmosphere to the party, were made by VJRadiouKacz. The sound went on until 6 am.

The sound of the main stage started with DJ Ana Herber, followed by country singer Fábio Dunk. The night continued with Dj Bondi and the participation of LBoy and Mk playing the best of funk. The singer Elyan D'Carlo ended the party, at 5 am, with several hits of country music.


Ana Luisa Nascentes


Photo: Ana Luisa Nascentes


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