Patrick do Prado unites contemporary music and dance in the video for “Bruta Flor”

Recorded in theater, the production explores the mixture of elements with art and sensitivity

Patrick do Prado | Photo: Joao Junior

Singer-songwriter Patrick do Prado released this Saturday, December 10th, the single and music video for the song “Bruta Flor”. The track is available on all digital music platforms. The video can be watched at YouTube.

With a script and direction by Antônio Moser, production by Amanda Santos, shooting and editing by João Junior, the clip was produced at Teatro da UBRO, in Florianópolis, the city where Patrick lives. According to the musician, the work has a romantic aesthetic and a current sound: “With the clip, we tried to highlight the state of the art of mixing classic and contemporary elements to convey the sensibility of music, with a contemporary dance performance on the floor of a theater". In the production, the characters create an atmosphere of artistic intimacy, where the dancer Flor Carrizo (who coincidentally takes the name of the song) interacts with the artist, while they are carried away by the harmony of the cello, interpreted by cellist Karin Romano. 

The lyrics of “Bruta Flor” were inspired by the nuances that exist in a relationship, the fine line between being close and distant, free and at the same time, trapped: “While winter occupies me, my fault, in that untouchable distance, unstable heart … You count your thoughts so loose, free as the wind, on the grates of a fan”. Excerpts like this sum up the song, which in itself shows the poetic side of the artist. The musical production was on account of João Spinelli. 

Patrick do Prado has participated in major festivals such as Tum Happy Sunset (SC), Morrostock (RS), Acid Rock Festival (RS), Ola Fuerte Festival (RS), Misturada (SC), as well as theaters, fairs and intimate shows, from the southern states to Uruguay, showing his uniqueness as a composer of New Brazilian Music. In 2019, with his first EP, his name was quoted as one of the main Brazilian novelties along with Tiago Iorc on the Portuguese Folk da World portal. The single “Criança” was added to the “Folk Brasuca” playlist on CD Baby Brasil, which became the cover in September 2020, in addition to being added to the international Apple Music playlist “O Melhor da Semana”, alongside artists such as Pixies, Madonna, Clarice Falcão, among other big names in music.

the music video “Gross Flower” it was made by a plural team, formed by 9 professionals, being part of the south of the country, in addition to the northeastern filmmaker João Junior (João Pessoa/PB), Flor Carrizo (Argentina) and Adel Alloush (Syria). “When I saw the finished clip, I was sure that we had created an artistic product that differs from current fleeting productions, as we unite art, sensibility and music in a work that is certainly timeless in its essence”, points out Patrick do Prado about their newest release.


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