Digital marketing market in Florianópolis continues to grow

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Among the fastest growing sectors in Santa Catarina are technology and digital marketing. 

It is not by chance, operating since 1960 in the State, organizations were spreading and building their histories. 

This study of Tech Report 2020 proves it. According to the survey, between 2014 and 2019, more than seven thousand new companies in the sector started their operations. 

This represents more than 12 thousand active businesses, which placed the technology sector in sixth position in Brazil. 

Here, we are ahead of important hubs such as Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, occupying the 4th position in the country's economy ranking, with a turnover of 7,4%.

What explains this scenario? 

The president of the Santa Catarina Technology Association (ACATE), Iomani Engelmann, lists some reasons for this growth. 

“The technology sector has a direct impact on the economy of Santa Catarina and the country. It assists in the generation of jobs, with qualified functions and well above average remuneration. 

The average minimum wage for a programmer, for example, is practically three times higher than the country's minimum wage. The sector also influences the attraction of investments. 

Technology companies are constant targets of large contributions from national and international investment funds.” Globe

Events in Santa Catarina is Florianópolis' strong point 

In parallel, the Marketing and Sales events in Florianópolis also contribute to the growth of the sector in the region. 

A proof of this is the RD Summit, evaluated by Forbes as “Digital Marketing Disneyland”.

Its first edition was in 2013, with the participation of 300 participants. In 2022, the event had more than 7 content tracks and 130 speakers. 

In summary, the RD Summit provides several stages and tracks for the participants. 

Here are some topics that were discussed at the event:

  • Marketing and Sales;
  • agencies;
  • Innovation;
  • Customer Success;
  • Management and Strategy;
  • Personal development;
  • Diversity. 

By the way, these were some of the professionals who participated in the event: Flávia Garcia (Google), Claudia Woods (WeWork), Pedro Alvim (Magazine Luiza), Genesson Honorato (OLX Brasil), Mariana Assis (Meta) and João Branco (McDonald's) .

Gabriela Del Carmen, journalist for the Terra, explains in more detail the reasons why the event is a success. 

“In my case, there was so much content that it was impossible to follow everything I wanted, since every hour there were 7 lectures at the same time. 

The speakers were authorities and experts in their areas of expertise and the contents cover a little bit of everything, from the metaverse and venture capital to mental health and advertising,” he says. 

She adds: “The highlight was that, more than speaking about a certain subject, the speakers seemed really interested in passing on knowledge. 

Many of them base their presentations on tips and insights to help participants achieve a certain objective - whether it be doing an M&A, adopting the inside sales flywheel or internationalizing a company”, he concludes. 

SEO follows the evolution of the market 

Search Engine Optimization also follows the growth of technology and digital marketing in Florianopolis

And who helps us better understand this concept is Diego Martins, CEO of Inside Digital. "It's nothing more than optimizing your website for search engines like Google". 

It is a strategy indicated, above all, for those who are starting out. “our agency, for example, has 90% of clients coming from SEO. That's positive because we don't pay to be there.” 

To achieve this status, Martins applies On Page and Off Page SEO techniques that help your brand to reach the top positions on Google. 

At first, these strategies may seem complicated. In fact, there are several paths that require in-depth knowledge on the subject.

However, when you have specialized SEO agencies, the process becomes easier, scalable and cost-effective.


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