Fourth Latin American Meeting of Arts and Letters

          With the support of Oficina Literária Letras no Jardins (a project that takes place every Friday at Espaço Cultural Rita Maria, in downtown Florianópolis), the Bedroom Latin meeting-American of Arts and Letters took place between October 23 and November 10, 2017.  

          This year, the focus of the event, which was curated by Milka Lorena Plaza Caravjal, was to honor the artist Silvio Pléticos, born in Italy and who has lived in Brazil since 1960.   

          In addition to the exhibition, which was open to visitors in the entrance hall of the Assembly Santa Catarina Legislature (Alesc) from October 23rd to November 09th, a series of meetings with artists who had their works exhibited was also part of the program.


Closer by, the painting Os Pássaros, by the Chilean Hugo Rubilar.

          Meetings with artists took place on October 27th and 31st, and on November 03rd, 07th and 10th, at Espaço Cultural Rita Maria. The very light and relaxed atmosphere contributed a lot to the audience not only getting to know the artists and their influences better, but also for them to understand more deeply the works on display, as well as the creative process that generated them.  

          In a total of 17 plastic artists, and 13 writers had their works exhibited at the event. Among the most varied forms of expression, there was a great wealth of themes and meanings, which provided visitors with a great immersion in the artistic universe that was inserted in the place.  

          Precisely representing the thematic richness and artistic variety, it was possible to perceive that the artists who participated in the show transit between figurative, abstract and mixed media art.  

          The works of the artist Rafael Cappai emphasize this plurality arising from mixed media. The artist, in addition to exhibiting a sculpture made from a guitar, also presented us with the The forest, which is full of feelings expressed through the use of recycled materials to compose three-dimensional elements in the painting. Rafael was also responsible for playing the song Tema de amor, at the opening of the event – ​​on the same day that the Argentinean Amara Martino presented poetry, and the Chilean Célia Cabezas Jaramillo played the song Gracias a la vida, by Violeta Parra.  

          Cappai, when asked what he thought of this type of event, said he thinks "it is important to have this type of event in the city, in Brazil", is that "artists really have to help each other... one has to help the other", demonstrating camaraderie and optimism. And it was on the basis of this that everything took place.  


Some of the works on display (among them, A Floresta).

    Artists such as Hamilton Souza, Gisele Duro Zanini, Juan Godoy, Doris Plaza, Janice de Bittencourt Pavan and Maria da Graça Fornari represented figurative art very well with its various techniques applied on canvas.  

          José Reginaldo Galão exposed the technique of modeling on PVC, in his sculptures Kalipigio e Gladiator, which drew attention amidst the contrasting environment of the exhibition. Galão, in addition, exhibited his books The Power of “I” Florianópolis, Island of Magic and Enchantment: tales and legends. Vol.2 - even held an autograph session for this one.     


         In this flat angle, it is possible to see one of Galão's sculptures, among the works in the show.

          Not being able to stay out, the photography also had space at the show, and who presented her work to us was Isadora Azevedo. 

          In addition to curating the event and creating the Literary Workshop Letters in the Garden, the Chilean – Brazilian-born – Milka Plaza also exhibited two mixed media paintings: the chilling and vivid the beach girl, it is wonderful Pacifico. In addition, Milka held an autograph session for her book (also on display, alongside O Condomínio) Life Curves.   

          It is a difficult task to describe in limited lines all the artists, works and meanings that were expressed in the Fourth Latin American Meeting of Arts and Letters. However, it remains here that the event proved to be a success, and the fifth edition showed that growth is constant. It is always interesting and enriching to appreciate works from artists of different cultures and nationalities, but with feelings so common to the people of Florianopolis. At the time the event was held, Florianópolis proved to be even more artistic, even richer in culture. And may the next one be still full of color and vitality, if that is possible.  

Reporting: William S. Schütz.

Photos: Milka Plaza.


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