Tourism is one of the sectors that move the internet the most.


Tourism is a sector that can be considered perennial, that is, it has the possibility of perpetuating and generating wealth over the years.

Certainly, there are periods that can be more complicated, as shown by the IBGE data that state that, for example, passenger transport was the most affected by the pandemic in 2020, with a reduction of 53%, being a considerable percentage.

Even so, when economic activities in the sector resume, it is possible to see greater demand for tickets, accommodation and information.

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism itself was concerned with creating a project of resumption of tourism, as this is a very important sector for such a large country that has so much to offer.

As around the whole country, tourism moves the internet a lot and it is not only because of the beauties that Brazil offers, but because of the amount of information that needs to be shared and passed on, which creates the opportunity of an online market for those who want to undertake in the sector or offer various other forms of contribution.

Thinking about it, we brought some important discussions about why Tourism is a great source of internet movement and how to take advantage of this market to build some kind of online business.

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Why does Tourism move the internet?

Starting with the basics, a good trip is built on good information. So, when a person is going to plan their vacation, they go straight to the internet to research what they can do to improve their experience in the place they will be visiting, which are the best hotels and accommodations with the best value for money, the best way to get there and other information.

For those who have no idea where they want to go, the information is also all there to make the decision easier. It is possible to choose according to budget, distance, number of people and purpose, whether it is a romantic trip, with family or friends, for example.

However, when we are talking about information, it does not necessarily mean create a blog and produce content. People seek information in other ways, such as social networks, ticketing apps, lodging and YouTube, a great source of information for travelers.

So, this is a sector that still needs a lot of content on the internet, because in addition to there are many places to be explored, the content needs to be diversified to meet the needs of different audiences looking for information with different budgets, objectives and seasons.

Therefore, the content creator and the entire online services sector focused on tourism has much to gain by producing means to facilitate these processes. In this segment, information and personalized services are very valuable and can be profitable.


How to take advantage of this market?

Although there are many people exploring the tourism market on the internet, there is a lot of scope for working online in this sector. That's because those who consume this type of content are not stuck in a single creator or tool, and even if the market is saturated, quality is what makes all the difference.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the market of Ecotourism on the internet, know that it is perfectly possible and you can start with very little or almost no investment.

The truth is that this sector works a lot with information, as each detail can be valuable and contribute a lot to your audience, so pay attention to the tips to succeed in this market.

1 - Start small

When we talk about tourism, that doesn't mean you need to create an international travel blog, talk about miles and airline tickets and give tips on places you don't even know. It is perfectly possible to start small, giving tips on your city that most likely has attractions and entertainment for the population.

Think it won't be interesting? Know that today there are many profiles on Instagram and blogs that are focused on giving the best local tips for their followers to make the most of what they can have closer to them, since they are easy options, more affordable (as they do not require a long trip) and that can serve as a form of leisure and tourism for weekends and holidays.

This type of business can be monetized with advertisements and the venues themselves, such as restaurants and attractions that can pay you to advertise to your audience.

Therefore, it can be interesting to start small, generate valuable content and build an engaged audience that will bring return to you and to the places you promote.

2 - Have a blog

Many people still think that blogging is a form of content that is not consumed much, when in fact, it is a great way to diversify the distribution of information, putting more complete details for the part of the audience that is more engaged.

Developing a website can also be a great way to reach an audience that arrives through searches on search engines like Google, that is, a segmented audience that is really interested in what you have to say.

Therefore, having a good SEO strategy is important to have your audience concentrated in a proper environment, where you dictate the rules and can work with your content as you see fit, which is very necessary for anyone who wants to create an online business.

3 - Work on monetization strategies

Information can be sold in a variety of ways in an online business. You don't necessarily need to have a course explaining travel, so you need to be creative to build ways to monetize your business.

Below we will put a list of things that it is possible to do as a way of monetizing an online business in the tourism sector:

  • Start a blog and insert advertisements
  • YouTube monetized channel
  • Posts sponsored by companies 
  • Personalized travel advice (creation of itineraries)
  • online travel agency
  • Commission for sales of travel packages
  • Digital influencer profile

If you want to bring the digital together with the physical, you can still leverage your influence to create customer experiences in the places where you serve as a guide.

The same can happen if you are a photographer and in this case, in addition to selling your photos in image banks, you can also create personalized experiences with professional photos that are very much appreciated by tourists. 



The tourism sector offers great opportunities to be explored, especially at a time when the government offers incentives for the resumption of activities in the post-pandemic period, which can cause a rediscovery of the passion for traveling and knowing places that have not been explored, in the Brazil, in the world and even in its own region.

If you consider yourself a good content creator or intend to be one, starting a blog and starting to practice can be a great way to try to create an online business that can pay off in the future. Start using the ideas we suggest and try to explore what is one of the most consumed sectors in the online world.


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