The champions of the first virtual surfing championship in Brazil announced

O Surf Talento Oceano had the participation of 94 surfers from different Brazilian states

It closed last Sunday (09) the 1st Brazilian Virtual Surfing Championship: Surf Talent Ocean, and finally the winners of the eight categories are announced, which had the virtual participation of athletes from different parts of Brazil. 

The competition, valid for the 2nd stage of the Circuit Fecasurf Amador and by Surf Talentos Oceano, started on June 09th and was designed as an alternative to continue competitions during the period of social distance due to the pandemic, keeping athletes in activity and the active sector. 

From Baía Formosa (RN), Matheus Jhones was the youngest surfer in the competition. At just 7 years old, the young athlete reached the U-10 final, and finished the stage in 2nd place.. Photo: Lima Junior

To participate, registered athletes recorded on video their eight best waves surfed anywhere in the country within the established and duly proven period. After that, the waves were evaluated virtually by the technical staff of Fecasurf. And in the end, eight surfers stood out and became champions of their categories in the 1st Virtual Surfing Championship in Brazil. 

According to the President of the Santa Catarina Surf Federation (Fecasurf), Renato Melo, the stage also involved a range of professionals who worked behind the scenes supporting the athletes, in addition to those who worked in the organization.

"All isolation measures were exhaustively respected by the organization and even with these barriers the event exceeded the limitations and with this new virtual format, it managed to get very close to what a face-to-face competition is ", highlights Renato. 

"This event certainly entered the history of Brazilian competition surfing, for being innovative and creative, two important factors to stand out and make a difference. It was an excellent way to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic", complete Affonso Eggert, founder of Oceano Surfwear.

Laura Raupp was in two finals in the virtual dispute: she won the Women's Sub-18, with the right to high score (9,25 pts) and finished in second place in the Women's Sub-16. Photo: Marcio David

For the Champion of the Women's Under-18 category and runner-up of the Under-14 of the stage of Surf talents Oceano Virtual 2020, Laura Raupp, the format allowed participants to show off their surfing well. "I put a lot of effort into producing good images for this competition, and thank God I managed to do it. I also highlight the excellent work of the judges, always scoring the performances with fair marks.”He says. 

Improvement and dedication also marked the victory of another athlete. "Even though I'm not used to the virtual format of dispute, this event encouraged me to do my best in training and be able to do well in the championship”, completes Leo Casal, Under-16 Champion of Surf Talentos Oceano Virtual 2020.

Check the official results of Circuito Surf Talentos Oceano Virtual 2020

2nd stage – Fecasurf Amateur Circuits (3.000 pts)/Surf Talentos Oceano (6.000 pts).


1st- Luã Silveira (SC)
2nd - Mateus Sena (RN)
3rd - Luiz Mendes (SC)
3rd- Kayki Araújo (SC)


1st- Léo Casal (SC)
2rd- Kayki Araújo (SC)
3rd- Gabriel Klaussner (SP)
3rd- Noah Machado (SC)


1st- Gabriel Ogasahara (SC)
2 - Esdras Morais (BA)
3rd- Kalani Abrahão (SC)
3rd- Ryan Martins (SC)


1st - Anuah Chiah (PR)
2nd - Kalani Renno (SP)
3rd - Levi Silva (RN)
3rd - Ryan Martins (SC)

Under-18 women

1st - Laura Raupp (SC)
2nd - Kiany Hyakutake (SC)
3rd - Potira Castaman (BA)
3rd - Sol Carrion (SP)

Under-14 women

1st - Nairê Marquez (SP)
2st - Laura Raupp (SC)
3rd - Maya Carpinelli (SC)
3rd - Maria Eduarda (RN)

Under-12 women

1st - Luara Mandelli (PR)
2nd - Maria Clara Dornelas (RN)
3rd - Luiza Rosa Teixeira (SC)
3rd - Sarah Ozorio

Under-10 Men

1st - Arthur Vilar (PB)
2nd - Matheus Jhones (RN)
3rd - Michel Demetrius (SC)
3rd - Vini Palma (SP)

The second stage of the Circuito Surf Talentos Oceano Virtual 2020 (second stage of the Circuito Santa Catarina Amador Fecasurf) – Oceano 40 years is presented by Mini Kalzone and Silverbay; Sponsored by Oceano Surfwear; Support from SRS Surfboards, Sibon Charters, Kbral Centro Automotivo, Lord Of The Sea, Planeta Surf, Dalila Textil, Keep the Ocean Blue and Eco Local Brasil; Production and Realization of Swell Eventos; and Approval and Technical Supervision: Fecasurf. 

Publication: William Schütz
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Source: Oceano Surfwear Press Office
Photos: Lima Junior and Marcio David.


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