Exhibition РОССИЯRussia, by Diorgenes Pandini

Bringing a sensitive look to the Russian streets and everyday life, the photojournalist Diogenes Pandini presents 20 photographs in the exhibition РОССИЯRussia, which is open in Badesc Cultural Foundation until August 23, with free visitation from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12 pm to 19 pm. Functioning as a kind of visual notebook, the photographs are all from 2018, when Diorgenes covered the FIFA Men's World Cup in Russia.

WEB Invitation РОССИЯRUSSIA, Diorgenes PandiniCinvitation to the exhibition, with the work "A Mulher de Vermelho", the most prominent photograph of the exhibition. Photo: Diorgenes Pandini

The works bring a sensitive look to the everyday situations of Russians, illustrating different situations of a country with a culture and customs different from those experienced in Brazil and demonstrating the fascination that the artist has for the streets and for individuals.

The records are the result of a compulsive photographing that seeks parts of a country hidden behind the celebrations of the World Cup. The photojournalist spent 36 days in Russia where he participated in the coverage of the biggest sporting event in the world.

19 07 25 pocciяussia, by Diorgenes PandiniThe guestbook, photographed at the beginning of the opening ceremony, July 25

The artist's first solo show, curated by Lucilla Horn, presents at the Paulo Gaiad space, on the second floor of the Badesc Cultural Foundation. According to a survey carried out at the Foundation, it is estimated that approximately 520 people were present at the opening ceremony, on the night of July 25th. 19 07 25 pocciяussia, by Diorgenes Pandini-60 19 07 25 pocciяussia, by Diorgenes Pandini-87   Among the photographed works, only "The Woman in Red" has a title defined by the artist, who chooses to leave this question open for interpretation. Diorgenes Pandini is from Itajaí, Santa Catarina. With eight years of experience in photojournalism, he has participated in remarkable coverage: such as the World Cup and the Chapecoense plane crash in Medellín, Colombia. And participated in group exhibitions at BC Foto Festival for two years (in 2017/2018), Floripa na Foto (in 2019) and Foto em Pauta (in Minas Gerais), in the year of 2019. Text: William Schütz. Photos: Franchêscolli Gohlke. Contact by email: willianschutz@hotmail.com.


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