James Bond Roulette Strategy: A Guide to Winning Big

Roulette is played all over the world due to the house edge it offers and the revenue casinos make from this game. For every $1 million wagered at the roulette table, casino management earns $50.000 or more. The house edge of 5,26% is offered in the game of roulette. This means that players walk away with less money than they can earn. 

This has caused some bettors to switch to gambling online roulette. However, some gambling strategies can leave you with a large amount of winnings in style. One of them is the James Bond Strategy. Some of you may think she came straight from the movie, but it depends on logic. Let us walk you through this mathematically sound strategy.

What is James Bond's strategy?

It is a progressive strategy and a combination of some betting systems. The bet is divided into three parts:

  • The first corresponds to 70% of your total bet
  • The second corresponds to 25% of your total bet
  • And the third corresponds to 5% of your total bet

This strategy is somewhat related to the Roulette Martingale strategy. Many professional gamblers use the progressive betting approach, where the bet is doubled. Most double their bet after losing the game. For example, if you are betting $200, $140 will go on numbers 19 to 36, $50 will go to numbers 13 to 18, and $10 will go on number 0. 

However, no bet is exact as you need to use strategic behavior to make a winning play.

How does the James Bond strategy work?

The James Bond strategy works to turn the odds of this casino game in your favor. It uses the Martingale system as a basis. As stated above, it is distributed into three parts, in which you must bet 70% on one part. For the second and third, 25% and 5% of the value, respectively.

If you bet 70% on groups from 19 to 36, and the highest number comes up on the wheel, you can make a profit of R$80. If a lower number comes up when betting on group 13 to 18, you can make a profit of R$ $100 and if the bet is 0, you will receive a profit of $160. 

The element of chance and luck will also play a crucial role in this strategy. If you lose the bets, use the Martingale strategy and double your bets for the next round of the game. It is a fixed bet system; you must bet the same amount on each spin of the wheel.

James Bond Strategy Payouts

When playing the above combination, you can only win one of the bets. Therefore, the payments for the group of numbers are as follows:

  • R$20 will be a loss if the bet falls between 1 and 12 numbers
  • You will receive a profit of R$5 if your double street bet falls between numbers 13 and 18
  • You will make a profit of R$8 when the bet of R$14 comes out at 1/1 and falls between numbers 19 and 36
  • R$15 profit if you win the R$1 zero bet at 35/1

You can make a profit, but you must apply this strategy correctly. You can try both the popular American and European versions of roulette.

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