Floripa Beer Experience – Experience with a taste of local beer

Experience with a taste of local beer

Hand over your ticket, get your glass. Swap your cash (or credit on your bank card) for chips and get ready to start tasting some – as many as you want or can! – of the 70 craft beer labels available at the Floripa Beer Experience.


A definite destination for beer lovers, the event that takes place from Friday (10th) to this Saturday (11th), in CentroSul, in Florianóplis, brings together 12 breweries. At the stands, learn more about where and how the drinks are produced, the particularities of each one, information about the flavor and harmonization. If you are from Florianópolis or a neighboring city, it is possible that one of the exhibitors is an acquaintance of you, or a relative of a friend of yours: the brands are all produced here in the vicinity, in Greater Florianópolis.

Empty the glass? Want more? Rinse the container with water – sinks are dotted throughout the sprawling convention center – and go check it out again.

If hunger strikes, indulge yourself: there are options for sandwiches, pizzas, bar snacks, seafood, healthy foods and even sweets at the food trucks around the food court.

This Saturday, the stage will host The Youth, Otávio Marcolla Blues Band and Get Back. On Friday, the bands Time Bomb and Samba CEFID packed the craft beer lovers.

If you feel like brewing your own beer, check out the Science of Beer Institute booth. Based in Florianópolis, the school founded in 2013 promotes courses aimed at the beer market throughout the country. At the counter, you can check the institute's calendar of events and learn a little more about the manufacturing processes.

The Floripa Beer Experience is organized by the Association of Microbreweries of the Metropolitan Region of Florianópolis (União Cervejeira), with support from the Association of Micro and Small Business Entrepreneurs and Individual Entrepreneurs of the Metropolitan Region of Florianópolis (Ampe Metropolitana).


what will you find


Black Belt (Santo Amaro da Imperatriz)

What do judo and beer have in common? The answer is very simple: passion. With disciplined production and high quality standards in all processes, Cervejaria Banda Preta only follows one rule: produce a black belt beer for a demanding public. In a very cool concept mixing art, rock and roll and judo, the Black Belt offers its beers in barrels and bottles. Book your schedule to visit the factory and “Beba Essa Arte”.

Hajime (Pilsen), Lord Dan (Dubbel), Dragon Rock (Dunkel Weiss), Grand Shihan (Weiss); Traira (Pale Ale).


Badenia (Santo Amaro da Empress

Cervejaria Badenia, in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, produces its draft beer with malts and hops specially selected and imported from Germany. Allied to the famous waters of Serra do Tabuleiro, they give a unique and special flavor to the drink that is produced strictly in accordance with the rules of the German Purity Law of 1516.

Greifenbier "Munich Helles", Greifenbier "Munich Dunkel", Greifenbier "Badische Weisse", Greifenbier "Kölsch" (release).


Island Brewery (Florianópolis)

Cervejaria da Ilha, in Florianópolis, must be remembered as synonymous with tradition and quality. The oldest brewery in Florianópolis, founded in 1999, comes with this pioneering spirit to present to the public beers that represent the biggest attraction of Florianópolis: its beautiful beaches.

Chopp Ilhéu (Pilsen), Jurerê Gold (Export Gold), Ingleses (IPA), Joaquina Weizen (Weizen).


Cozalinda (Florianópolis)

Manezinha Cozalinda was born to toast Ilha da Magia, with beers as artisanal as bobbin lace and as special as the sunset at Sambaqui. They are light beers and easy to drink, ideal for the public that starts looking for new beer brands. Even so, they are tasty beers with well-defined aromas, which bring a wealth of sensations that please the most demanding palates and artisan beer lovers, without scaring the lay public. It offers its beers in barrels and bottles.

Cozalinda Lager, Bullfinch Witbier, Bullfinch with Mint, Bullfinch with Basil and Sichuan Pepper (launch), Floripa IPA, Floripa IPA with hops from Enseada de Brito (launch), Floripa IPA with Brettanomyses and matured in French oak barrels (launch ), Saison da Saudade (launch), Saison Praia do Meio (launch).


Jester (Warm Waters)

The award-winning Jester, from Águas Mornas, has a wide variety of beers, of high quality and made to suit the most diverse palates. We currently have four types of draft beer and we distribute them in barrels throughout the Greater Florianópolis region (Ilha, São José, Palhoça, Águas Mornas, Santo Amaro and nearby regions).

Pilsen (bronze at the Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau, in 2015), APA, IPA and Flanders Red Ale (silver at the Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau, in 2016).


Kairos (Florianópolis)

Cervejaria Kairós offers a variety of colors, aromas and flavors to delight everyone who likes to enjoy products of a differentiated standard. Its main focus is the tourist exploitation of the brewery, located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Florianópolis. Its beers and draft beer refer to the lifestyle of the local people and the culture of Ilha da Magia. The word Kairós does not reflect the past, or precede the future, but it is the best moment in the present. Allow yourself to live in the now!

Kapital Cream Ale, Boitatá Dry Stout, IPAguaçu, Miramar Weiss, Baleeira Red Ale, Rendeira Witbier.


Unika (Burnt Ranch)

Located in Rancho Queimado, in the mountains of Greater Florianópolis, it produces 12 styles of beers, divided between two brands: BRUXA, dedicated to Belgian school beers, and UNIKA, from the German and American schools. Its production follows the highest quality standards and is led by award-winning brewers Vinícius Carpentieri and Ronaldo Dutra Ferreira.

Witch #1 Belgian Blond, Witch #5 Belgian IPA, Witch #11, Belgian Dubbel, Unika West Coast IPA, Unika, German Lager, Unika Black IPA, Unika Black IPA Coffee, Unika Session, Unika Double IPA.


Weinmann (San Jose)

With recipes to make any 'Oma' proud, the brewery of the Weinmann family, from São José, seeks a unique and unmistakable flavor. The beers are produced with 100% malt, high quality hops and natural carbonation in the bottle, in addition to always using top-fermented Ale-type yeasts.

Weinmann Weiss, Weinmann Smoked Ale, Weinmann Red Strong Ale, Weinmann Blond Ale.


The Liffey Brew Pub (Palhoça)

Located on Passeio Pedra Branca and famous for brewing artisanal beers, the brand is known for its selected raw materials and more than special ingredients: passion, creativity and innovation. “We are different, we are innovative, we are challenging, we are an IRISH BREW PUB!”
The Liffey Brand was born in Pedra Branca, in Palhoça, in 2013, and today has two business units. The Liffey Brew Pub is an authentic brew pub that brews and sells its beers on Passeio Pedra Branca, with complete entertainment for lovers of quality beer, tasty cuisine and rock and roll lovers. The Liffey Pub Truck is a charming beer truck with 10 different beer taps, now located at the corner 42 food park in the Santa Monica neighborhood.

Liffey Pedra Branca - Witbier, Liffey Devil - Red Ale, Liffey Haka – NZ Lager, Liffey Black Jack - Dry Stout, Liffey Mustache – Imperial IPA, Liffey Paleoça – Best Bitter, Liffey Crown Royal – Catharina Sour (Pineapple + Mint), Liffey Magali - Catharina Sour (Launch - Watermelon + Ginger), Liffey Asterix - Mead with Peach, Liffey Obelix - Mead with red fruits, Liffey Morena tropicana - Brown Ale with Cashew and Mango.


Lagoa Brewery (Florianópolis)

Production started in 2010, in the pot at home, in Lagoa da Conceição, as a hobby. They are beers of the most different styles, such as Ales and Lagers. After a few years, the decision was made to produce beer commercially. The beers are developed in the home kitchen, in batches of 25 liters. Once the recipe is set, it's time to scale up to industrial equipment. Beer produced in a microbrewery, but with a homemade soul. Cervejaria da Lagoa does this out of a passion for good beer, for everything it provides and a commitment to quality.

Pilsen da Lagoa (Pilsen), Bitter da Lagoa (Special Bitter), Branquela Weiss (Hefeweizen), Güela Larga (Session IPA), Rufus (Amber Ale), Estauta (Dry Stout), La Dorada (American Wheat).


Sunset Brew (Tijucas)

Inaugurated in 2016 by partners Eduardo Petry, Giovana Petry and Sheldon Cole and with the experience of renowned brewer James Jimenez, the Sunset Brew factory has a production capacity of 24 thousand liters per month and started sales with four styles of beer: American India Pale Ale, American Pale Ale, American Lager and Saison. In December 2016, the beer sensation of the summer was launched, Sunset Light Lager, a lighter and easy to drink version, which is being a success. 

Sunset Lager, Sunset Light Lager, Sunset APA, Sunset IPA, Sunset Saison.


Kiezen Ruw (Guabiruba)

Kiezen Ruw is a craft brewery with production capable of surprising the most demanding connoisseurs of good beer. The factory is located in a bucolic area, between trees and waterfalls. There, Pilsen, ESB, APA Bock, Blond Ale, Barley Wine, Witt Bier, Red Ale, Drystout and Ipa are produced.

Pilsen, APA, IPA, Red Ale, Bolnd Ale and ESB.


Floripa Beer Experience

Ticket: BRL 20,00 (full) and BRL 10,00 (half) at www.sympla.com.br/floripa-bier-experience__112443
 or on site, on the days of the event.

Location: CentroSul - Florianópolis Convention Center - Av. Gov. Gustavo Richard, 850 - Downtown, Florianópolis - (48) 3251-4000

Date: 10th and 11th of February
Opening Hours
Friday: 18h to 2h
Saturday: 17h to 2h

Friday: Time Bomb (rock) and Samba CEFID
Saturday: The Youth, Otávio Marcolla Blues Band and Get Back

Ample on-site parking



brewery path

The Floripa Beer Experience also strengthens the dissemination of Caminho Cervejeiro among the local public and visitors from other cities. This is a tourist route recently created on the initiative of União Cervejeira and Ampe Metropolitana, with support from Sebrae. The objective is to encourage visits to production units and microbreweries, with appreciation of local beers, integration with gastronomy and other attractions in the region.


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