Acqua Movie: dramatic and eclectic feature by Lírio Ferreira arrives in theaters

In Florianópolis, the feature can be watched at Paradigma Cine Arte; the premiere is a self-contained sequel to the 2005 film, “Árido Movie”

Arrives in cinemas"Aqua Movie", sixth feature film by the experienced director from Pernambuco Lírio Ferreira - responsible for the film "Baile Perfumado", "Arid Movie", "Cartola", "O Homem Que Engarrafava Nuvens" and "Sangue Azul"). Paradigm Cine Arte since the 10th of June.

Shot in São Paulo, Recife and the interior of Pernambuco, the release is a road movie which presents the northeastern landscape altered by the transposition of the São Francisco River and shows the strong presence of coronelismo in the country. Thus, he makes parallels between fiction and metaphors of the current situation in the country.

It is also worth noting that "Acqua Movie" takes up elements of the narrative of "Árido Movie", a feature by the same director that was released in 2005. But, despite the fact that the Pernambuco filmmaker resumes themes and characters from the feature film 16 years later, the new work works with a self-sufficient and independent plot.

In this way, the story of Aqua Movie is centered on the relationship between Duda, played by Alessandra Negrini, and her teenage son (Cícero, played by Antonio Haddad. Cícero finds his father, Jonas (Guilherme Weber), dead in the bathroom at home, victim of a massive heart attack.

At this moment, the boy's mother is in the Amazon rainforest, making a documentary about the demarcation of indigenous lands.

As this situation unfolds, mother and son leave São Paulo by car in order to rescue their mutual affection and leave Jonas' ashes in the city where he was born, in the interior of Pernambuco.

And it is with this narrative that transits between spaces and realities, that "Acqua Movie" presents the public with a mix of adventure and investigation, flirting with the documentary genre. And the result is a restless cinema, reframing the premise that the world lives with a lack of solidarity and even an excess of information.

In theaters

distributed by IMOVISION, "Acqua Movie" is playing on a circuit considered alternative. In Florianópolis, the feature can be watched in the Paradigma Cine Arte room, located in the Santo Antônio neighborhood of Lisbon. Check out the Floripa Guide's movie schedule for details.

It is also noteworthy that the feature has a cast filled with relevant names such as Alessandra Negrini, Antonio Haddad Aguerre, Guilherme Weber, Augusto Madeira, Marcélia Cartaxo and Zezita Matos. The script is written by Lírio Ferreira, in partnership with Marcelo Gomes and Paulo Caldas.

Watch the trailer:

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about the director

Lírio Ferreira co-directed, with Paulo Caldas, the feature Perfumed Ball (1996), one of the most outstanding films of the resumption of Brazilian Cinema. Best Film at the Brasília Festival, it was also shown at the Toronto and Havana festivals, among others.

Arid Movie (2005), his second feature film, was selected for the Venice Film Festival. He also participated in the Festivals of Rio, Miami (Best Director), Karlory Vary, Paris, New York, and CINE PE, where he won six awards, including Best Film and Direction.

In 2007, he released the biopic "Cartola", co-directed by Hilton Lacerda, about the legendary sambista from Rio, which became the highest-grossing documentary of the year in Brazil. The Man Who Bottled Clouds (2009), had its international debut at MoMA, in New York and was selected for the IDFA (International Festival of Amsterdam), in addition to touring numerous international festivals. The film won the award for Best Documentary of the Year (2010) by the Academia Brasileira de Cinema. Blue blood (2015), awarded at the Rio and Paulínia festivals, opened the Panorama section of the Berlin Festival.

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Film and material distribution: Imovision.


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