Banda Cambirela releases first single, accompanied by an unreleased music video

Entitled “Submerso”, the track will be part of the Palhoça quartet’s first EP; the clip is available on YouTube

Cambirela during the recording of the clip - credit: Disclosure

Set in the Palhoça scene, the band cambirel presents a sound style that transits through alternative rock, mixing influences and instruments. The result of this hodgepodge is in the recordings of “Submerged": first single of the group. The unreleased track will be released this Thursday (9), on the main digital platforms. On the same date, a exclusive music video.

Through the eclectic rhythmic junction — with electric sounds and, sometimes, even accordion players —, Cambirela has been composing a series of songs. In this sense, “Submerso” is just the first of many upcoming releases. In addition, the music will be present in the EP "About", set to be released soon.

The music video for "Submerso" features art direction by Arthur Paim, who in addition to playing in the group and performing this role behind the scenes, was also in charge of photographic capture, accompanied by the producer Thales Stipp and the guitarist Renan Martins. To give body to the audiovisual project, Jorge Kloppel Junior took over video editing.

In turn, the song was recorded in the studio Little Room Studios, in Palhoça, produced by Thales Stipp.

It should be noted that the pre-save of the unreleased song can be done for free through the website: That way, as soon as “Submerso” is released, the subscriber will receive a notification.

Backstage of a snippet of the clip
Credit: Disclosure.

The quartet, made up of Arthur Paim (vocals, guitar and accordion), Victor Folster (drums), Renan Martins (guitar) and Maykon Jovino (bottom), is homonymous with one of the greatest postcards of Palhoça, the Cambirela hill — a scenario that is considered mystical by the most traditional residents of the city. 

The band started composing in 2019, gradually looking to find their own creative identity. The result is a sonic style that the band defines as "bittersweet alternative rock". Among the songs already recorded by the band are "Before leaving","all for yourself" is "Friday", materials that will be on the track list of “Us” EP.

More information can be consulted on the profile @cambirela_ on Instagram.

Collective of local artists

Member and co-founder of the collective the bubble, Cambirela supports the union of artists from Palhoça and region to strengthen the local scene. So much so that, through the collective, the quartet made its debut on stage, in November last year, during the event "bubble". Another accomplishment was the recording of a live sessions — which should debut in the first half of this year. More information can be consulted on the @abolhacoletivo profile on social networks.


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