Seventh edition of Tarja Preta UFSC

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The line of cars that formed at the entrance to Jurerê on the SC-401 highway, most destined for Devassa On Stage, foreshadowed that it would be a great party. With 3 stages and 15 attractions, expectations for VII Tarja Preta were high. As I knew it would be impossible to follow everything, my idea was to go through all the stages and try to enjoy a little bit of everything.


When I walked in, the band Mama Gourmet was already on the main stage playing By the way by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The group's proposal is interesting: to make rock music less straight and more eclectic. This was clear in the mix of '90s pop songs, which even included a high-pitched performance in Wannabe, the Spice Girls' biggest hit. The vocalist's resemblance to the musician Eddie Vedder didn't make the band play Pearl Jam, but it had Green Day, Linkin Park, Raimundos and even Mamonas Assassinas.

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Then I went to Terraza, where the 1007 stage was. The music playing had the essence of the nightclub that gave the stage its name, with pop that ranged from the romantic A Thousand Thousands, launched more than 10 years ago, until the dancing Work, this year's success. The only problem was getting in or out of Terraza, but that was what I expected because of the size of the party, and even then it didn't affect the vibe of the place.


Then I decided to squeeze to the sound of Guilherme Lopez. When starting with the music drink, drink from Leonardo, they released confetti and streamers in front of the stage, making the crowd even more excited. The show delivered what it promised, with the biggest hits of the moment such as 50 reais, 10%, single again, Your Police e Silly Fear, always played with great animation.

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All that was missing was the Electronic Injection stage, which was in Pacha. With a lot of people jumping and dancing, it was easy to see that the vibe of the place was good. Even though it's not my favorite style of music, I managed to really enjoy the beats that sampled songs like losing my Religion, by rock band REM, to get the crowd off the ground to house and techno. There was still a woman and a man doing dance performances above the DJ booth.


I still passed by the main stage to jump with Rei da Folia's axé and went once again to stage 1007. I left with the feeling of having enjoyed the party well, mainly because I had sung all styles of music on the same night. The balcony of the sticker with a card of Poker, which combined yielded drinks to the partiers, also matched well with the Las Vegas theme proposal. With almost ten thousand people and so many attractions, it is no exaggeration to say that this is currently one of the biggest parties organized by UFSC courses.


Gabriel Lima



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