The Return of Brazilian Football Legends

Having formed a stable football career and tested their strength in several clubs, players often return to their homeland. This practice is common among Brazilian stars who played successfully in Europe and then safely transferred to clubs at the end of their career or even thereafter. Such decisions are justified by the fact that football players want to improve football in their country. The football career of any professional player is a constant change of locations and teams. Athletes travel the world, sign lucrative contracts and receive feedback from loyal fans, but when the active phase of football comes to an end, Brazilians try to return to their country, because there they have more chances to train (and, at first, the star schools are always waiting for their students).

A large number of Brazilian football stars became equally famous upon returning to their country, after contracts abroad or after retirement, and participated in matches and tournaments on national soil and forever etched their names in football history. These legends include Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Garrincha, Romário, etc. Some of them stopped playing football, having played their last matches for the Brazilian teams, and some for the big national clubs.

Previous Stars Return as Coaches

Many famous football players in Brazil, after ending their active career, strive to become coaches. And they have the means to do so, because they have managed to achieve considerable success in their careers. The legends can then share their knowledge, techniques and vision of modern football with the younger generation, which is beneficial for all football you can follow through the Brabet bookmaker Naturally, to become a coach, you need to undergo special training and obtain the support of the president of the club the star wants to join. Striking examples of Brazilian football players who started actively training are:

  • Romário – who led Vasco da Gama on an interim basis, in 2007, for 1 day.
  • Luiz Felipe Scolari – football player active from 1966 to 1981, who became a professional coach for several Brazilian clubs, including Palmeiras and Cruzeiro.
  • Zico – was coordinator of the Brazilian team in the 1998 World Cup.
  • Dunga was another famous player who coached the Brazilian national team between 2006 and 2010 and, again, between 2014 and 2016.

The achievements of these players allowed them to continue their coaching careers and lead their teams to successful games and some of them even reached the European and Asian championships as coaches.

The Influence of Experienced Players on Team Play

In addition to strict discipline and cooperation on the field, any football team needs unity and common interests. When a legend arrives at the club, the other players listen to him and imitate him, even against their will. Famous football players share invaluable experiences and can talk about game tactics in the clubs they attended, which allows them to have a general understanding of the course of the upcoming match. Furthermore, experienced players are responsible for innovation, efficiency and increased interest in the team.

How Veterans Inspire Young People

Not all experienced athletes become football veterans, to truly go down in history and be remembered, a football player must be dynamic, with character and professional. Your actions on the field should not raise questions, but they can only take your breath away and please others. Charity events are regularly held in Brazil, attended by football legends where they talk about how they achieved success and help young people prepare for fruitful work. Star friendlies are always exciting and educational, they show basic tricks and work out the ideal game strategy, but the best way for a football veteran to help young players is in the position of coach.

Why Legends Choose a Career in Brazil

The return of famous Brazilian football players to their homeland is an opportunity to contribute to the development of national sport. When an experienced player no longer reaches the scale of a European club career, any Brazilian club will gladly accept him. Most often, legends move to their first clubs, where they began their long journey to professional football.

Brazil not only develops new players, but also gives stars the opportunity to end their careers with dignity. It is extremely rare for a football player to leave the field forever in a foreign country, basically, he moves to the Brazilian Championship, arouses interest in a certain club with his personality and is remembered as an outstanding football player in the history of the sport.


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