Reggae night in Florianópolis

The classic reggae band The Abyssinians performed at John Bull last Wednesday (25). Last Wednesday night (25th) I had the opportunity to witness a historic event for reggae lovers in Florianópolis. The classic Jamaican band The Abyssinians and the national band Mato Seco performed at the John Bull Pub and cheered up the house, which was practically packed. At first, the band Mato Seco, formed in 2002 on ABC Paulista, opened the show at midnight with their lyrics engaged and dedicated to peace. The setlist was very varied and featured current and old songs from the band such as heavy stones from the newest album dry and still alive (2013) and one of the group's biggest hits Hidden Glow from the cd Root Reggae launched in 2004. Highlight for sun is shining, epic song by Bob Marley very well interpreted by the band and that impressed me a lot for the energy transmitted.

Dry grass

Then came the most anticipated, The Abyssinians. The ensemble founded in 1968 by Donald Manning, Bernard Collins and Linford Manning is one of the most traditional of reggae with a very intense sound and Rastafarian religious lyrics. At the beginning they played the song african race, which talks about African culture and its history, and throughout the show the band's greatest hits were played as I bless, I and I e The Good Lord.

The Abyssinians

What drew the most attention was the energy transmitted by the Jamaicans, who despite their advanced age, put on a very lively presentation until 4 am. The group ended the show well with Satta Massagana, their most famous song and which became a great reggae anthem all over the world.   Roberto Granzotto Photos: Rangel Amadio


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