7 highlights of Floripa football that are worth remembering

Image by Janosch Diggelmann on Unsplash

Floripa is known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture. This, without a doubt, everyone knows. And, it also has a rich history in the sporting scene, especially in football. After all, there is more than a century of tradition in the sport!

So, how about remembering 7 memorable moments that made history on the fields of Ilha da Magia? There will be runner-up in the Copa do Brasil, a result of a game that didn't even happen, in addition to the day when the two teams on the field were, literally, sent off by the referee.

The first football stadium

Did you know that, at the beginning of the 20th century, there were no stadiums in Floripa? At least, not in the conception we have today! So, one of the defining moments of football in Floripa was the construction of Campo do Manejo where the State Institute of Education is currently located.

There, the first football game in the state took place, more precisely, on August 14, 1910. Then came the Adolfo Konder stadium, in the place that, today, is Beiramar Shopping. In this sanctuary, big names played, including King Pelé.

Then came the leagues!

Before the current format of the regional championship, we had the Santa Catarina Land Sports League. The initial phase was created in April 1924 and, today, consists of the Santa Catarina Football Federation.

From then on, came the Home Tournament, whose structure continued until 1968. In other words, it was very successful! Imagine if, at that time, there were already online sports betting? There would be no shortage of guesses about the results of the matches, huh?

Talent barn? We have!

There is no way to talk about the remarkable moments of football in Florianópolis without mentioning the great talents revealed in the state. Just to give you an idea, we have:

  • teixeirinha
  • Afonsinho
  • Felipe
  • Nivaldo
  • Orlando Pessi
  • Calico
  • Rubão

Also, Casagrande, Oberdan, Lico (who was world champion with Flamengo), Renato Sá and Ado, third goalkeeper of the world champion team in the 70 World Cup. Just a great, huh?

Figueirense's access to series A

How can we forget the year 2001, which marked Figueirense's accession to the elite of Brazilian football? Furacão beat Caxias 1x0, adding 9 points in the quadrangular. Just to give you an idea, it was one point less than the leader and champion of the time, Paysandu.

Oh, and it's worth remembering that, three years later, Figueirense was three-time champion of Santa Catarina. What a good time, huh? But, returning to series A of the Brazilian Championship, Furacão had good campaigns in 2006 and 2011. In fact, this year, they beat Grêmio, in the Olympic Stadium, by 3-1. Let's have a heart!

Figueirense is runner-up in the 2007 Copa do Brasil

After coming in 7th place in the 2006 Brasileirão, Figueirense was left with nothing less than the runner-up in the 2007 Copa do Brasil.

We also had gaffes!

Football in Santa Catarina isn't just about glory and, above all, manezinho! In the 70s, the newspaper “O Estado” simply published the result of a game that never even took place! As the stories go, the sub-editor called a taxi rank in the countryside. Then, the person said they heard that a certain match ended 1-1.

However, on the day, bad weather prevented the teams from taking the field. In other words, a tremendous “belly”.

And expulsion of two entire teams from the field!

“This day was crazy”! Without a doubt, one of the most memorable moments in Florianópolis football was the expulsion of 22 players from the field. Well, that happened on March 31, 1971, when referee Gilberto Nahas expelled the entire Avaí and Figueirense teams. According to him, it was to tame the undisciplined on the field.

Ah, do you want a tip to remember so many achievements in 100 years of football history in Santa Catarina? The book "Santa Catarina, a century of football – the dimension of its history”, written by Maury Dal Grande Borges. There will, without a doubt, be many memorable football moments in Floripa and, of course, throughout the state.


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