JetX game review

JetX is an online game that Smartsoft Gaming released on 24/01/2019. In this game, players will place bets on the flight time of a jet before it flies out of base. This JetX review will tell you about everything you'll see in this game.

You will see the volatility, the Return-To-Player (RTP), and a maximum win of this game. As you read ahead, you will see casinos where you can play JetX for real money or enjoy their demo.

JetX Overview and Theme

For centuries, casino games have been associated with card games, roulette and, more recently, slot machine games. Digitization paved the way for other game categories such as virtual sports, e-sports, bingo, keno, scratch cards and arcade-style games. Crash games are the latest arcade games to tickle the online casinos. These games are played on slot consoles.

You don't need skills to play JetX, but you need to have good timing. The theme is planes, space and mid-air explosions. A jet taxi before taking off and gaining altitude and momentum. You need to place bets and guess how high he will rise; whether it will fall into Earth's atmosphere or go into deep space before exploding. You need to collect it before the plane explodes.

Then the next cycle begins - it's a repeat of the takeoff, climb and fall cycle. The only difference is the altitude the plane reaches before it explodes.

Crash games are not sophisticated in design. The main visual focus is the plane and its rise. All other design elements like the airbase, clouds, earth arc, planets and other space elements are diffused in the background. The graphically sound elements are just the plane, its smoke trail and the 'BOOM' animation, plus an air balloon or two.

How to play JetX?

Knowing how to play crash gambling is important, but simple. As we just explained, you have to guess when the jet (or plane) is going to explode so that you can withdraw a little earlier. To play the game, the publisher has developed a very easy-to-use interface with several features. The rules for playing JetX are the same as for the slot pin-up aviator at online casinos.

JetX may be about jet planes and space travel, but playing the game isn't rocket science. You only place bets when asked to. You can place a maximum of two bets for one flight, or one round of play. When the jet takes off and the collect option is placed in front of you. You can collect or withdraw before the jet explodes.

The higher the jet goes before it explodes, the bigger you earn. If the plane explodes, your bets are off. It's about the risks you're willing to take. There is no indication of when the plane will crash. Flight altitude is not predetermined; it varies randomly between the takeoff and the winning cap. As mentioned, the maximum you can earn per round is 10.000 DMO.

Play JetX in demo mode for free

Crash games are a new concept; chances are you've never played JetX before. New games should always be played in demo mode first. You get to know how the game is played, the rules and features, all without betting your own money. 

You can play JetX in demo mode for free at most online casinos where the game is featured. Most game reviewers have available demo versions of the games they review. For game creators, it is a splendid way to market their games.

JetX RTP & Volatility

Due to the distinct gameplay, there is no JetX RTP or volatility. Either you take your money early and earn little, or you wait and lose it all. The gameplay is nice and simple, but whether you manage to win big is up to you.

mobile compatibility

JetX is a game that will play on all mobile devices, regardless of whether they are Android phones or iPhones. The only thing you will need to play this game is your mobile browser and a constant internet connection. Graphics and animations in this game are comparable to any version that is played on a computer.

frequently asked questions

Who developed JetX?

The company behind the Jet X casino game is Smartsoft Gaming. This Georgian developer has a large portfolio of slot machines and casino games. However, JetX is its flagship title.

Aviator vs JetX - which is better?

Both games are almost identical as far as gameplay and features are concerned. In both crash games you need to cash before the plane flies or the jet explodes. Auto Cash Out and Autoplay functionality can support you to get a win. So in the end it's up to you which one you prefer. Both are definitely fun and worth a try.

How do I play Jet X?

JetX is a very simple casino game. Although simple, it is highly entertaining. You place your bet(s) from R1 to R20000 and then you need to cash in before the jet explodes. If you do, your bet is multiplied with the jet coefficient. More information is available in Bet&Win's JetX game review.

Is JetX mobile friendly?

Crash games are specially designed for mobile devices. So you should enjoy it and play it smoothly on any mobile devices.


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