List of films that will integrate the 19th edition of the Children's Film Festival of Florianópolis is announced

Of the 198 films submitted, 62 will be part of the program - 41 national and 21 international. 

For the 2020 edition of Florianópolis Children's Film Festival, 28 countries submitted films. In the first week of June, the list of selected candidates for this 19ª edition.

Of the 198 films submitted, 62 are chosen to be part of the program. Among them, 41 are national and 21 are international.

The event, which would be held between June 27 and July 4, is postponed - due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a disease caused by the new coronavirus.

However, the coordination indicates that there is a desire to hold the Exhibition in the spring, if possible. But this possibility is still being studied, as the priority is to protect everyone's health.

The exhibition's curatorship, which was coordinated this year by Gilka Girardello, calls attention to films of rare beauty, with current questions, in favor of Human Rights, Children, the Land and several other fundamental rights.

Producers from 16 Brazilian states submitted their films. Santa Catarina surprised, reaching the second place with 20 short films submitted. The first place went to São Paulo - 33 films, and the third to Amazonas, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro, tied with the submission of nine films.

On the international scene, countries that had never been registered for the Mostra participated in the selection, such as Mongolia, Bulgaria and Singapore. Another surprise was Iran, which sent 11 short films. Argentina and Spain were the countries that submitted the most films - 13 each. In all, 28 countries sent their films to the Florianópolis Exhibition, which proves the importance of the event in the international scenario.

Selected short films from all regions of Brazil

The program for the 19th edition of the Mostra includes short, medium and feature films in the genres of fiction, animation, documentary, experimental cinema, national and international. Around 10 films produced by children in projects in schools and communities were also selected.

For the first time, the selection is made up of short films from all regions of Brazil. In addition to those selected, the films “O Parchment Red”, by Nelson Botter Jr (SP, animation, 2019), and “The Other Side of the Other” by Rita de Cácia Oenning da Silva and Kurt Shaw (PE, documentary, 2019, 52min 03s) will be on the schedule along with other guest feature films.

Among the international productions are productions from the United Kingdom and 11 countries, highlighting Iran, Israel and Mongolia - debuting at the Children's Film Festival in Florianópolis.

The criteria used in the selection were aesthetic, artistic and technical quality and addressing the children's audience, taking into account affective, aesthetic-cultural needs and interests and children's rights - including their rights to imagination, playfulness, information and knowledge. Aspects such as authorship and child protagonism, cultural diversity, originality in technical and thematic approaches, in tune with the specificities of the present moment in the child's perspective were also valued.

The selected films make up the sessions aimed at families, schools, educators, Traveling Exhibitions and a special session on Human Rights, new for this edition.

Selected for this edition

National Films:

  • Annie Ladybug (by Daniel Cipriano and José Raue, SC, animation, 2019, 05min 15s)
  • Petty's Adventures (by Anahí Borges, SP, animation, 2019, 14min 17s);
  • Beautiful and? (by Ally Collaço, MS, documentary, 2019, 05min);
  • Carpe Diem (by Eddie Silva, SP, documentary, 2019, 01min);
  • Hive (by Karinna De Simone, SP, fiction, 2018, 8min 45s);
  • Count on me (by Andrés Lieban, RJ, animation, 2019, 05min 06s);
  • Pilar's diary (by Bruno Bask and Humberto Avelar, SP, animation, 2019, 11min);
  • Fables Pies, the series - Opens, closes, sets fire (from Dilea Frate, RJ, animation, 2018/2019, 07min);
  • Yeast (by Carlos Eduardo Ceccon, SC, fiction, 2020, 10min 58s);
  • Gustavo interview (from Sandra Amaral, SP, experimental, 2019, 02min 48s);
  • hornzz (by Lena Franzz, RJ, animation, 2019, 05min);
  • Mãtãnãg the Enchanted (by Shawara Maxakali and Charles Bicalho, MG, animation, 2019, 14min);
  • Meringue Joe - Why the sky is blue (by Adalberto Miki, SP, animation, 2019, 02min 40s);
  • monster farma (from Maia Silva, SC, fiction, 2019, 07min 47s);
  • Nana and Nile in sunny and rainy day (by Sandro Lopes, RJ, animation, 2019, 05min 19s);
  • Napo (by Gustavo Ribeiro, PR, animation, 2020, 16min 40s);
  • Storytelling by Make-A-Tale (by Diego Rezende, PR, fiction, 2020, 14min 26s);
  • Notes of Life (by Juli Torquato and Joice Oliver, RS, fiction, 2019, 04min 06s);
  • The Anselmo Trailer (by Rosa Berado, GO, animation, 2019, 12min 06s);
  • The Celeticomus (by Marcelo Tannure, MG, animation, 2020, 17min 07s);
  • The Boy Who Swallowed the Sun (by Patricia Alves Dias, RJ, experimental, 2019, 07min 15s);
  • Clara's World (from Ayodê França, PE, animation, 2019, 07min);
  • The Other Side of the Other (by Rita de Cácia Oenning da Silva and Kurt Shaw, PE, documentary, 2019, 52min 03s);
  • the red parchment (by Nelson Botter Jr, SP, animation, 2019, 01h 30min 33s);
  • The Moon Show! (by Celia Catunda and Kiko Mistrorigo, SP, animation, 2020, 12min);
  • the popcorn (by João Lazaro and Ana Barroso, SC, documentary, 2019, 02min 53s);
  • Pila Pestle (by Giuliana Danza, MG, animation, 2020, 01min);
  • breather (from Jackson Abacatu, MG, animation, 2019, 01min 19s);
  • Plant (by Pedro Vieira and Rafael R. Fontcuberta, SP, animation, 2019, 02min 09s);
  • clay poetics (by Giuliana Danza, MG, animation, 2019, 06min 12s);
  • Recyclable (by Bruno Pereira, AM, fiction, 2003, 01min 20s);
  • Reborn of the Waters (by Julio Quinan, GO, animation, 2019, 02min 49s);
  • river of memories (collective direction, BP, documentary, 2019, 14min);
  • RUI (by Amanda Domingos, Vinícius Vill and Yasmin Dolzan, SC, animation, 2019, 01min 45s);
  • Xulé toad (by Paulo José, SP, animation, 2020, 01min 30s);
  • Springer: The Friendship Machine (of all children participating in the film, RN, fiction, 2018, 04min 19s);
  • Tiny the little pig (by Gilberto José Ferreira, RJ, animation, 2005, 01min 06s);
  • Trench (by Paulo Silver, AL, fiction, 2019, 14min 40s);
  • last soup (by Graziella Nathali, AM, fiction, 2013, 03min 21s);
  • A girl and her shadow (by Vanessa Heeger, BA, animation, 2019, 01min 45s);
  • blue dress (from Diany de Jesus, SP, fiction, 2018, 18min 56s).

International Films

  • 3ft (by Giselle Geney, animation, Colombia, animation, 2018, 14min);
  • Just be human (by Rui Duque, Portugal, animation, 2020, 02min 16s);
  • cat lake city (from Antje Heyn, Germany, animation, 2019, 06min 42s);
  • Headhunters (by José Herrera, Spain, animation, 2018, 07min);
  • Coward Ghost (by Reyhane Kavosh, Iran, animation, 2019, 08min 53s);
  • Give it Back! (from Ruchama Ehrenhalt,, Israel, fiction, 2019, 14min 14s);
  • humanize (by Rui Duque, Portugal, fiction, 2020, 03min);
  • I Found Out What to Do (by Reyhane Kavosh, Iran, animation, 2019, 06min 42);
  • Ian the moving story (by Abel Goldfarb, Argentina, animation, 20181, 09min);
  • My abuelo knows King Kong (by Miguel Sáez Plaza, Spain, animation, 2019, 07min);
  • migrant (by Esteban Ezequiel Dalinger & Cesar Daniel Iezzi, Argentina, animation, 2019, 05min 38s);
  • Morning (by Reyhane Kavosh, Iran, animation, 2019, 01min 23s);
  • Namaki (by Reyhane Kavosh, Iran, animation, 2019, 08min 22s);
  • Papergee and the Spider (from Dougie Irvine, UK, animation, 2019, 13min 57s)
  • Pichintún, Panchita, the circus girl (by Karen Garib Bravo, Chile, documentary, 2020, 07min 16s);
  • rainbow friends (by Thomas Goletz, Spain and Germany, animation, 2019, 06min);
  • Saturday Apartment (from Jeon Seungbae, South Korea, animation, 2018, 07min)
  • serok (by Zhivar Farajzadeh, Iran, documentary, 2018, 05min);
  • Sleepless (by Sil Van Der Woerd & Jorik Dozy, Mongolia & Netherlands, fiction, 2019, 13min);
  • Tiempos Modernos (by Cristian Cabruja, Argentina, fiction, 2019, 03min 58s);
  • walk beside me (by Javi Navarro, Spain, fiction, 2019, 03min 40s).

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