Iconografia 344: the most visited exhibition of the Badesc Cultural Foundation gets a special page

Exhibition presented from March 30 to June 1, 2017 received more than 3 thousand visitors

The most visited exhibition in these 15 years of activities by the Badesc Cultural Foundation, was the show Iconography 344. Curated by the collector Ylmar Correa Neto, the exhibition received more than 3 thousand visitors from March 30 to June 1, 2017. And now it will have a special page on Virtual Collection of the Foundation's website.

With reference to the anniversary of Florianópolis and using the arrival of Dias Velho as a milestone, the exhibition presented around 60 works, including photos, documents and books.

historical value

From the XNUMXth to the XNUMXth century, countless foreigners passed through Santa Catarina Island producing documents and works of art of inestimable historical value. Most of this material was taken or completed in Europe, as it was intended for the interest of collections of kings, nobles, wealthy merchants and institutions.

The books had limited and expensive print runs, as their illustrations were either made with etchings or drawn and painted one by one. Many of these works were lost in shipwrecks and many others are still unknown around the world today. Passionate about the theme, some local collectors have tracked and acquired this treasure at auctions, specialized galleries and private collections on five continents, repatriating this incredible heritage.

The careful curatorship of Ylmar Corrêa Neto allows the public to discover rare documents, paintings, drawings, engravings, maps and original books that had never been exposed. In contrast, modern and contemporary works of art on the Island articulate representations between the present and the past.

In-person visitation at the Badesc Cultural Foundation is currently suspended. However, on the website it is possible to follow the free cultural activities and events held in the space and also check the works of two artists who were selected in the 2020 Public Notice.

Dante Acosta presents 19 works in the exhibition As Distant Things Seem Smaller Than They Really Are, while Carol Krügel presents 27 framed graphite illustrations in the Fantastic Portraits exhibition. The exhibitions remain on the site and are on display in the mansion until the end of April.

Text: Press office of the Badesc Cultural Foundation
Photo credit: Clarice Dantas.
Text editing and publication: William Schütz | Writing Guide Floripa.


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