Find ways to maximize fun and reduce expenses in Florianópolis

Tips for your rest in Florianopolis

Florianópolis is the capital of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina and is mainly composed of the 54 km long island called Ilha de Santa Catarina. It has earned a wonderful reputation with travelers of all budgets, thanks to its beautiful coastlines, lagoons and exciting adventure activities like boat trips and windsurfing.

Windsurfing at Lagoa da Conceição

Finding the best beaches

Whether you like beaches with waterfront hotels or those that offer greater levels of tranquility and privacy, Florianópolis will have something to suit your tastes.

Pico da Coroa - South coast of Lagoinha do Leste

One of the best beaches is located in the southern part of the island, in Parque da Lagoinha do Leste. People need to walk about an hour to get there. If isolation is what you're looking for, then this location is perfect! THE Galheta Beach and Praia do Moçambique are also great options for those who prefer a little solitude on vacation.


If you prefer more developed spaces, go to north of the island, where most hotel resorts are located. If you're a surfer, go to the east of the island. This part of Florianópolis is wonderful for those who like to catch some waves while relaxing on vacation.

Choosing the perfect time to go

The best time to visit Florianópolis is in the Brazilian summer months, from December to March. You will be able to enjoy the hot and humid weather, with clear skies and sun shining on you all day.

Joaquina beach in summer

Winters in Florianópolis can be surprisingly cold, so make sure you pack the appropriate clothing if you decide to travel to Florianopolis during the off-season. Thanks to the rich cultural history, the huge number of fairs and markets and other activities that don't need hot weather, like walking or playing online slot machines in Brazil, when you go is entirely up to you and it depends on what you like to do when you are on vacation.

Saving some money on your visit

Use public transport as much as you can when visiting Florianópolis. While it can be more time consuming, it's cheap, reliable, and a great way to see the beautiful island. Bus lines run directly from the city center to all of the island's most popular destinations, and you'll also find one that connects you to the international airport.

Be sure to book in advance. If you decide to go in the coldest season, the mid-season or the hottest season of the year, you can book your flights and accommodation a few months before you leave for get the best prices possible. It gets quite busy in the summer months, as international tourists flock to Brazilians at this time of year.

Lagoa da Conceição downtown

Remember, you can also save a few hundred dollars by simply staying a little farther from the beach. And if you opt for accommodation in the Lagoa da Conceição area, two of the most popular beaches, Joaquina and Praia Mole, are still just 10 minutes away by car! Just have some self-control if you decide to stay in Lagoa da Conceição, because the caipirinhas served in the Lagoa bars are simply out of this world!


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