Find out how to work with IT in 2024: six tips to get started

Do you want to know how to work with IT in 2024 and prepare for this constantly growing market? Our content can certainly help you. To do this, we have put together 6 tips for you to start working in this area next year.

So, if you still don't know exactly how to enter this broad area of ​​IT, you can follow our tips and start preparing right now.

Check out the content we prepared especially for you until the end and stay up to date with all the tips for starting to work in IT next year.

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1. Research the areas of activity

Our first tip for anyone who wants to work with IT in 2024 is to start by researching the areas of activity. This is because the area of ​​Information Technology is very broad, with several different careers to follow.

Some of the areas that will continue to grow in 2024 are:

  • Programming;
  • Information security;
  • Database administration;
  • Business Intelligence (PowerBI);
  • Network administration;
  • Site Reliability Engineer;
  • UX/UI Designer;
  • E-commerce specialist;
  • Machine Learning Engineer.

In other words, you can choose the area that best suits your profile and your knowledge in the area.

2. Specialize in one area

After researching the areas of IT expertise, the second tip is to specialize in one area. In other words, take courses, learn new programming languages, take a technical course or a degree, whatever it takes to become an expert.

However, it is worth remembering that after taking the initial courses you need to be able to enter the labor market, you need to continue studying to become a reference in the area. This way, in addition to guaranteeing better job and salary opportunities, you also become a great option for companies around the world.

3. Stay up to date

Have you become an expert in a certain area of ​​IT? The next step then is to always stay up to date, in order to keep up with changes in the IT market.

This is because the IT area is always improving and, in order to be a professional desired by companies, it is necessary to always keep up with these changes.

So, don't forget to continue improving yourself, whether through courses or developing skills relevant to your career.

4. Learn English

Our fourth tip for starting to work in IT in 2024 is to learn English. The time when English was a differentiator for professionals has passed; currently the language is completely necessary, especially in the IT area.

In other words, it is likely that many of the job openings in the area require intermediate or even advanced knowledge of the language. Furthermore, being fluent in English is even more important if you want to work for foreign companies.

So, don't leave your language studies aside and take a Online English course, which guarantees much more practicality in your routine.

5. Join communities and create a network of contacts

The fifth tip for starting to work with IT in 2024 is to participate in communities in your area and create a network of contacts. This is because having a good network can facilitate your entry into this market, in addition to enabling the exchange of information between professionals.

And it is worth remembering that these communities are generally divided by areas or even subjects. In other words, you will find out about events or courses in the area, as well as being up to date with all the news in your area first-hand.

6. Work on projects and create a portfolio

The sixth and final tip for starting to work with IT in 2024 is that, even with all the knowledge in the world, you still need to have practical knowledge in the area. In other words, do different projects, whether individual or group, freelance work, internships and any other project that allows you to use your skills.

These projects are essential for you to create a portfolio, which are the easiest way to showcase your skills to companies, facilitating the hiring process.

Now that you have all the information on how to start your IT professional journey in 2024, including valuable tips, you are ready to embark on this promising path.


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