How to act when there are problems with your flight?

Planning a trip can be quite stressful as there are a lot of details to decide, especially if it is a vacation trip and involves more people. Set dates, accommodation, payment methods, what to do, what flights or transport is available. And something that certainly doesn't help is buying a ticket for a specific flight and having a problem popping up. Especially if it's the day before or at the time of travel.

How to act when there are problems with your flight? It is important to know that there are rules and resolutions (it is possible to make a complaint in anac) that protect the passenger in these cases and can be used to solve your problem. 

purchase problems

When there is a problem with the purchase, resolution is less urgent than a problem at the time of flight, as there is time to resolve any issue. Always buy your ticket on reliable travel websites or through the airline itself. A good tip at the time of purchase is to confirm, if the purchase is made on a third-party website, if the flight really exists through the airline's platform.

After the purchase, it is possible to make one more confirmation. Most airlines allow you to view the status of a reservation and a flight using a code. As a last resort, contact the airline to find out if the seat is reserved. These confirmations are an extra step, first of all you need to be 100% sure about the credibility of the platform you are buying from. See the page on "Reclame Aqui" in case you have doubts.

delays and cancellations

It is not uncommon for flights to be delayed or even canceled for various reasons. It could be a technical failure of the aircraft or at the airport, lack of personnel and even economic reasons. However, it is necessary for the passenger to be informed and aware of these problems, because this change can bring harm, whether it is a missed work meeting, a postponed appointment and the stress generated.

ANAC resolution 400 deals with the responsibilities and deadlines for these delays and cancellations, bringing a series of obligations to airlines. The change must be communicated within 24 hours and flight alternatives, either from the company itself or from another, must be presented, in addition to the possibility of reimbursement. Read more on the subject on the AirHelp blog and know your rights.

Occurrence when already inside the shipment

Anyone who flies frequently must have spent minutes or even endless hours sitting in a departure lounge. Waiting is never a pleasant thing, especially if you're out of information and the door screen to enter the aircraft only says that boarding is taking place or that there is a delay.

First, you need to pay attention to any information, so pay attention to the audio communications made to find out if there is a reason why the process is not moving and also if the flight is still at that boarding gate, as it may have been changed.

If nothing is informed, look for an airline professional, who should already be ready to answer questions if any occurrence has happened. These setbacks are common and remember that the professional who is there is not to blame, but needs to be helpful and answer your questions.


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