Features of the Pixbet sports betting company

the bookmaker Pixbet offers its new and regular bettors from Brazil a wide range of sports bets and tools for profitable bets. Betting is all about offering great betting options and competitive odds.

The betting operator does a great job with this, you can watch your favorite matches in real time, place single and combined bets, study statistics before or during the match. There are niche and popular sports disciplines -

  • Football, tennis, horse racing, cricket, baseball, etc.

The bookmaker has several betting platforms, which gives freedom of choice and movement. At any time you can access the application, or sit at home via PC to enjoy the game and win real money.

Sports betting options at Pixbet

To expand your betting options, in one place with the most popular and sought-after options, you need to register on the website or app. After that, you can choose between world-famous football or niche martial arts, a famous championship match or a local competition. And the odds offered in sports will pleasantly surprise you, because the bookmaker places a high winning percentage compared to other betting operators.

Betting on football

Football is the number one choice at Pixbet, the opportunity to bet on your favorite player or team, especially with such high odds. You can choose one of the matches or go straight to events such as:

  • Brazil - Cearense, Series B;
  • Brazil - Alagoas Cup;
  • Brazil - Green Cup;
  • Brazil - Capixaba, Series A;
  • Brazil - Gaucho;
  • Brazil - Catarinense, Series A;
  • England - First League;
  • Spain - La Liga;
  • Italy - Series A, Series B;
  • Germany - Bundesliga;
  • UEFA Champions League;
  • UEFA Europa League.

Place your bets before starting or during the game, it doesn't matter, the important thing is that you will be halfway to victory.

Tennis betting

The discipline of tennis is valued by many players for its unpredictability, which is influenced by several factors, making real-time tennis betting at Pixbet even more exciting. Many players enjoy betting on tennis matches, feeling the adrenaline during the waiting period brings tangible reward and satisfaction after another win. You can follow betting matches like:

  • ATP;
  • WTA;
  • Challenger.

Place your bets on your cell phone anytime and anywhere in Brazil.

Basketball betting

For fans who really love basketball, the opportunity to bet on national games or world championships. This experience can be carried out with:

  • Brazil – LBF;
  • Brazil – NBB;
  • USA - NBA;
  • International - Euroleague;
  • International - ABA League;
  • Argentina - LNB.

Combined with the offered odds that bring maximum winnings across Brazil, an enjoyable experience is guaranteed.

Outros esports

There are many other sports with their own championships to watch on our website, in addition to those listed above. From darts and billiards to martial arts, everyone can find a sport to their liking. It's easy to navigate to them through the side menu on the home page, or go to the appropriate category at the top and find the match you're interested in through there. High odds accompany each offer with consistently high odds, allowing you to enjoy the anticipation of an outcome with the possibility of winning.

Betting odds and their format

At Pixbet, the betting odds compared to other sites have proven to be the highest in the entire region, making the platform the most convenient choice taking into account the results of all offers on the market. The betting odds ratio will always be on your side, allowing you to plan a win either way.

For greater convenience, the odds format provided on the Pixbet website shows the odds in the decimal, or European, system, which is a multiplication of the potential winnings of the original bet. Taking into account that this format is widely used in the European, Australian and Canadian communities, as it does not use additional characters and does not require complex calculations with planned deposit.

Types of bets available at Pixbet

To make the betting process at Pixbet more fun, it never hurts to think about additional variations that a player can create in addition to the standard bets and add them to the list. Mainly depending on the sport chosen, we offer different combinations of already known types of bets that will allow you to enjoy the game even more.

Description of bet types


This is considered the default type. The user simply selects a team or player to support and places a bet without harming themselves or others.


The focus is not on who will win, but on the number of points. Instead of choosing a favorite, the user aims to guess the total number of points as accurately as possible. It can be applied to one team or both sides.


Uses the principle of equalization. When one player has a significantly higher popularity score than another, the handicap allows the less favorable player to take the lead, preserving the better-known company's chances.

double chance

It covers two options at the same time. Although only one bet on the winning side is accepted in a 'win' bet, this bet can include two of the three outcomes at the same time, voting for the match to win, lose or draw, minimizing risk.

1 × 2

Includes all possible outcomes. When selecting this combination, Pixbet's usual value will be: “team one – draw – team two”, allowing equal benefit in each scenario.

Up down

Expands scoring options. While in the normal option you enter the exact number of points you think the game will end with, this option increases the chances of winning by formulating the query "final score less than X".


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