Tooltips to take with you for a safer trip

There are several tools to take on a trip, thus, a way to make a safer trip.

One of the cheap trip to Florianopolis, for example, you need to choose the type of transport and that interferes with what you need to take.

To help you, we've separated some tool tips for a safe car, bike or bus trip. Check out!

Safer travel by car

A review before a safer trip by car is essential, you need to check that the car is suitable to travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometers safely.

Among the list of tools, prioritize wrench kits such as screwdrivers, spanners and wheel wrenches. Options like pliers, multipurpose tape and gloves should also be prioritized in your suitcase.

Also, don't forget the jack to help change a flat tire, as well as a flashlight for emergencies.

It is important to gather all the necessary tools for any car-related problem, choosing tools that are most suitable for the car model.

Also invest in accessories such as car chargers, GPS and seat organizers if you are traveling with your family.

Bike travel tool tips

If your adventure is by bike, here are some bike travel tool tips.

We started our list of tools for a bike trip with a tire change kit, like spatula wrenches. 

It is necessary to consider that in the middle of the way, you may need to do maintenance or repair on the bike, so bet on keys such as philips, slot and allen.

A current key for emergency maintenance contributes to your arrival at your destination, as well as any outings that may occur.

Also bet on extra pins for chain, hand pump or CO2 cylinder to inflate the tire, a lightweight accessory to take on your adventure.

Finally, invest in a patch kit with glue, spatula and sandpaper for any problems along the way.

Just like the road trip to beach or another environment you need to review the vehicle, on bike trips it would be no different, so review your bike before you start pedaling for your trip.

Choose a sturdy and comfortable backpack for your cycling trip, not forgetting your first-aid products and personal documents.

Tools to take on a bus trip

Know that there are tools to take on a bus trip, even if the transport is a service.

The tip is to bet on adhesive tapes and types of queues To save you in emergencies, such as if your suitcase breaks the wheel, or your portable charger breaks, having a glue to repair the damage is very efficient.

Some glues also contribute to other small repairs like a broken camera, damaged eyeglasses or other essential accessories for your bus trip.

Don't forget to include in this list of tools to take on your bus trip accessories and cosmetics such as sunscreen, neck pillow, eye mask, alcohol gel and cell phone charger to immortalize the moment.


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