A descendant of Fritz Müller will visit the exhibition “Suddenly, Extraordinary!” in this weekend

Müller's great-great-granddaughter, Letícia de Carvalho will get to know the exhibition that is part of the special program in allusion to the bicentennial of the naturalist

A descendant of the acclaimed naturalist Fritz Müller is in Santa Catarina especially to visit the exhibition “Suddenly, Extraordinary!”, located in Trapiche da Beira-Mar Norte. Letícia de Carvalho came from São Paulo to check out the program that celebrates 200 years of the German scholar who marked Santa Catarina's history. Müller's great-great-granddaughter will visit the show this Saturday (14), from 10:30 am to noon.

Letícia was born in Blumenau and currently lives in São Paulo, where she works as a makeup artist. Despite not having the same surname “Müller”, she is related to Fritz on her mother's side. This is because Letícia is the granddaughter of Rolf Fehrlen, the great-grandson of the German naturalist.

“When I find out about the program, I'm very happy and I'm very curious. I looked a lot at the materials about the exhibition, and I was surprised because there are several approaches to the theme, not only talking about the history, but bringing this legacy with a vision of today. This is very important, as we are going through a moment in which it is increasingly necessary to be in connection with nature and everything that encompasses it", argues Letícia. 

The visitor also says that she intends to participate in the photography workshop and the guided tour, attractions promoted by the team involved with the exhibition "De Repente, Extraordinária!". Those who also wish to participate in these activities must register on the website: www.derepenteextraordinaria.com.br.

“Suddenly Extraordinary!” presents 22 posters that narrate the trajectory and explain studies carried out by Müller and should continue in the surroundings of Trapiche da Beira-Mar Norte until the 29th of this month. Also in the exhibition space, the visiting public can participate in the “(En)tent”, an activity to view details of specimens under a microscope and magnifying glass, in addition to getting to know several species of bees that exist on Santa Catarina Island.

About Fritz Muller

Fritz Müller was born in Germany, but emigrated to Santa Catarina in 1852, where he made several expeditions. The scholar carried out numerous researches and was marked as one of the first scientists to support the theory of evolution of British naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin.


The project is organized by Grupo Desterro Fritz Müller / Charles Darwin - 200 years, with cultural support from various institutions and Beiramar Shopping and FLEX companies. The exhibition is sponsored by the Law of Incentive to Culture of the Municipality of Florianópolis, via the Franklin Cascaes Foundation.

 More information about Fritz Müller's bicentennial can be found on the website: www.fritzmuller200anos.com.br.


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