Renting a boat in the summer is easier than you think!

Let's put an end to this idea that renting a boat is something for the rich, or something super complicated and with a lot of paper to read (and sign?)! In the same way that today you can easily call an Uber, organize a boat rental It's also very easy and fast. Well, let's imagine that you are thinking of renting a boat to enjoy your summer vacation, and that you are planning to head to the south of Brazil and spend a few days there. It could be Florianopolis, right? Well, to start the procedures of your Florianopolis boat rental, you will only need to define the type of vessel you want to choose.

In that sense, know that you have several options. For example:

  • Sailboat
  • Motorboat
  • Catamaran
  • floating house
  • Yacht, etc.

If you have doubts about the type of vessel, just indicate the desired days and the number of people who will go with you on the trip. These two factors will help determine the type of vessel as well as availability and, of course, can cause the final price to vary.

For example, if you opt for a one-day tour, you can rent a semi-rigid for R$1320,00 per day. Note that this type of vessel can take up to six people and is just over four meters long. But for a little more, you can get a sailboat, which is a much bigger boat. Therefore, in addition to being able to take more people (eight people, for example), the sailboat also has the advantage of having a bathroom on board.

As you can see the prices are quite affordable, especially if you can split the bill with more people. You can even take the opportunity to lengthen the tour and spend a night - or several - on the high seas. Without a doubt, it will be an unforgettable vacation.

And if your concern is that you don't have a license to drive a boat, don't worry! You will be able to count on this service along with the boat rental - in some cases it is even included in the final price - and, in this way, you will have a professional navigator with you. Another advantage is that this person, as a rule, not only knows the vessel well, but also the region where they will sail. Soon, you can take you and the rest of the gang to see the most secret and wonderful places nearby. 

In Florianópolis, for example, it can take you to dive in the transparent waters of the island of Campeche! By the way, don't miss it, it's not for nothing that many people call the island of Campeche the “Brazilian Caribbean”! If you prefer, you can instead take the opportunity to relax on a boat trip on Lagoa da Conceição.

Finally, don't forget another (big) advantage: peace! One of the great privileges of renting a boat is being in an exclusive environment, where you can avoid crowds and the noise around. Spend time with those who are truly important to you and enjoy diving, sunbathing, reading and even taking a nap… and all this hassle-free, it's your vacation after all! After this year, you really deserve it!


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