Will Fred dos Desimpedidos be able to justify favorites at BBB23?

Practically since his announced arrival, Fred, from the show Desimpedidos on Youtube, positioned himself as the big favorite. However, especially a few weeks from the start, if realizes that the “most guarded house in the country” may be delivering other favorites that threaten this “leadership” in bookmakers to Fred, who actually even calls himself Bruno. However, his resemblance to the gunner Fred led to him earning the same nickname.

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In fact, in addition to being the most watched television show in the whole country, it is clear that the BBB bets are another highly popular element. As walls, votes and eliminations appear, you quickly realize how the game can change in a quick moment. Especially as Fred, a participant who likes to be on top of the action and who, in a relatively short time, has already been in the middle of a series of confusions. Will he get rid of the different traps that come his way?

Fred is very prominent on social media

Like himself Big Brother Brazil 2023 is increasingly focused on its online presence, naturally a competitor with prior visibility, such as Fred, ends up starting his journey a few steps ahead of the other “brothers”. However, as on the pitch, this same theoretical favoritism will have to be justified during the months that this renowned Globo's reality show will air.

Always with a more relaxed view of life and benefiting from a natural charisma and knack for communicating, Fred quickly, in addition to his social media, managed to mark his presence within the game very well. As is evident, this greater exposure also ends up leading the influencer to be often in the "center of the hurricane". This is more than proven with some discussions that he has already led, due to different events and organization within that same most guarded house in the country.

Who are the brothers who can star surprise?

Analyzing what some of the most reputable bookmakers are pointing out, competitors like Larissa and Bruno Griphon if they manage to position themselves relatively well within the whole this favoritism of Fred. As is evident, there are no special formulas to win the heart or interest of the Brazilian public, so this long reality show will still end up showing different versions of these same competitors.

In fact, many fans of competitors other than Fred are claiming that the best chance that the other “brothers” will have to be able to eliminate Fred is by allowing the influencer to demonstrate parts that his audience on Youtube may not know about. Especially because, as has already been proven by different versions of the most famous reality show in the country and in the world, for 100 consecutive days, 24 hours a day, it is impossible not to end up revealing its true essence.

Prize and great visibility are attractive even for celebrities

Now, even though he is not recognized as a celebrity, in the truest sense of the word, it is really clear that Fred was attracted by the visibility and also by the prize he could win if he manages to get very far in this competition. In a phase where what matters is be watched, Big Brother Brazil 2023, more and more, it ends up being a lure for well-known faces to the public, especially online, who really want to come out and test themselves in this famous Globo house.

Especially because, in most of these competitors with already high visibility, they ended up watching Big Brother Brasil, wanting from an early age to be able to challenge themselves in what is one of the greatest competitions on Brazilian television. So will Fred Will you be lucky to meet your goal?


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