Create beautiful videos of Floripa using Filmora's Artificial Intelligence

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Do you want to know how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create incredible videos of Floripa or edit your memories of tourist attractions with intelligent tools? Check out how here!

From the browser's search engine to the application that calculates the fastest route between your home and work, artificial intelligence (AI) is present in multiple aspects of our lives. In the field of video editing programs this is no different.

Editing processes that previously consumed hours of specialized work can now be carried out automatically by users with little or no experience in the subject.

This is the case with Filmora, the Wondershare video editor responsible for making it possible for you to create AI-generated videos, that is, original videos with scenes, narration and soundtrack created automatically by AI through a simple text command, such as a script, for example.

Script that, in turn, can be created with the help of ChatGPT, a famous AI tool that is incorporated into the AI ​​Copywriting feature available on Filmora.

This way, if you have an idea for a video about Floripa's tourist attractions, but don't know how to develop the script to generate the video with AI, Filmora is able to help you from start to finish. Want to know more about these tools and how to use them? Continue reading.

How can I create videos of Florianópolis with Filmora's AI?

The technology and practicality of Filmora's advanced algorithms are just a few clicks away. To take advantage of them and follow our tips on how to use them, visit the official website of Wondershare filmora and download the current version of the video editor by clicking “Free Trial”. 

Install the program according to the steps indicated on the product's website and that's it! You can now experience the future of editing on your computer.

Next, we'll teach you how to create a video completely from scratch using AI. This includes everything from instructions on creating an oral script for the video, as well as AI-generated video idea suggestions to how to choose the voice of the video narrator.

How to create themes and scripts for videos about Floripa with AI?

Also referred to as AI Copywriting or AI Writing, Filmora's AI Copywriting aims to generate texts based on a command provided by the user.

This is an especially useful tool for those who create content for YouTube, have their own blog or like to publish about Floripa on social networks in general, as it can generate ideas for themes for videos and complete oral scripts.

For example: Imagine that you have a Creative block, but you know you want to publish a video about the main tourist attractions in Florianópolis, but you lack the creativity to write a script or create titles for a video.

What to do? Simple: Use Copywriting IA, use is intuitive thanks to the user-friendly interface, as we will demonstrate below:

How to use Copywriting with AI?

Open Filmora and notice the shortcuts to the main tools that appear just below the “New Project” option. You will see the “Automatic Creation” options, followed by “Screen Recorder”, “AI Text to Video” and “AI Text Based Editing”.

Click on the “>” symbol next to the last option to reveal the other features, one of which is “AI Copywriting”. Click on it and a new window titled “AI Writing” will open with the following options:

  • “What are you going to write?”: Choose which type of text you want the AI ​​to produce from the following options: “YouTube Video Ideas”, “Video Oral Script”, “Introductory Knowledge Article”, “Titles of video chapters”, “Chapter titles on YouTube” and “Video descriptions on YouTube”;
  • “Video topic”: Area designed for you to briefly describe (in up to 200 characters) what the subject of the video you want to create is;
  •  “Output language”: In which language the video will be produced;
  • “Advanced options”: Allows you to choose the number of results that will be generated simultaneously;

After filling in and selecting the fields above, click on “Generate” and copy the text manually or click on the “Copy” icon on the right side of the results.

How to use Filmora’s AI Text to Video feature?

Now that you have text content, such as a script about the beaches, dunes and mountains of Ilha da Magia, it's time to turn it into a video that can serve as inspiration for other creations or be part of a post on social media. social.

To do so, return to the Filmora home page and click on the “Text to video with AI” option located among the shortcuts to popular tools, just below the “New Project” button.

A new window titled “Text for video with AI” will open, where you can paste the previously copied text into the “Video text” area or write your own text describing the scenes and images that the AI ​​should represent.

It is worth noting that the text field supports up to 2000 characters, so it may be necessary to reduce the script generated by the AI ​​so that it does not exceed the tool's character limit.

Choose the “Text language”, the aspect ratio of the video, which can be 16:9 or 9:16, and the gender of the narrator’s voice (“Anna”, for a female voice or “Bob” for a male voice).

Finally, click “Generate Text” and wait a few moments while Filmora's advanced AI algorithms transform the entered text command into an original and engaging video.

Are there other Filmora AI tools I can use?

In addition to the resources mentioned above, there are a number of other Filmora AI tools which you can use to enhance recordings in order to achieve a professional result even without experience in video editing. Get to know some of them:

AI text-based editing

Do you want to publish a video with subtitles on social media like most content creators do? Have you ever wondered how they manage to synchronize the speech in the video with the subtitles?

If so, the “AI Text-Based Editing” feature is the secret to ensuring synchronized subtitles without the need to manually transcribe speech by speech.

With this Filmora feature, you can upload a video and let the AI ​​automatically identify each word spoken and fix the text corresponding to the right moment in the video. AI is also capable of identifying silent moments and removing them for more succinct and dynamic content

Editing with AI assistant

Do you still feel a little insecure about the video editing process and would like a little extra help? It would be great to have someone to talk to and ask for guidance on how to increase the quality of the content, wouldn’t it?

Filmora has the perfect solution, it's a personal video editing assistant, a kind of chatbot which gives intelligent and personalized suggestions regarding transitions, effects and specific edits to be made to obtain a more visually appealing result.

AI music generator

The recording of the windsurfing you did in Lagoa da Conceição was great, but is it missing a special touch to make the video more interesting? A soundtrack matching the adventure atmosphere of the ride would make the content incredible, right?

With Filmora's "AI Music Generator", you don't need to understand music creation or be deeply inspired to develop soundtracks compatible with your recorded content.

So, did you see how easy it is to use AI and create beautiful videos without needing advanced technical knowledge? Just follow the step by step and see the tutorials on the official website. But with this simple interface, you will have no doubts about how to proceed.

It is also important to remember that Filmora offers many other interesting features that go beyond those mentioned here and it is worth exploring the program to the fullest.

Using AI, the editor creates copyright-free sounds, meaning there is no need to acquire and pay for copyright licenses to use music and sound effects in your videos.

AI Voice Remover

Were you recording a musical performance and would like to separate the singer's vocals from the background music to hear them better? Or when watching the recording did you discover that some unwanted sound disturbed the audio of the video?

Normally, solving these problems would require a very expensive editing program and a professional specialized in using it, as removing audio elements is not an easy task when done manually.

But with “AI Voice Remover”, this is not the case, as the AI ​​algorithm does all the separation work automatically, delivering a studio-quality result.


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