Bayern's four biggest defeats of the 21st century

Many teams in the German league have an attacking style of play. That's why the matches here are interesting and productive. In the website you can always follow and bet on current clashes. Predictions for matches involving «Bayern» Munich are also accepted. This team is the true hegemon of the German championship. "Bayern" is the club with the most titles in Germany. Naturally, in 1xBet all your matches are covered. However, even such a team can have failures. If we consider statistics from the 21st century, Munich's biggest defeats were:

  • 5:1 - against «Schalke» (2002);
  • 5:1 - against «Wolfsburg» (2009);
  • 5:1 - from «Eintracht» Frankfurt (2019);
  • 5:1 - for «Eintracht» Frankfurt (2023).

As you can see, even such a title-winning club has some bad games. And if you follow your matches, you should do the following live betting for everyone, they are available at 1xBet.

It is worth noting that even these painful defeats did not always cause Munich to lose control of the situation in the standings. Thus, in 2019, the team ended up winning the championship without any problems. In 2023, the rout was the team's first defeat in the championship.

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Main reasons for Munich's crushing defeats

Even recognized giants are not immune to crushing defeats. Often, these results are a consequence of a whole set of factors: from psychological problems to the absence of any of the club's leaders in the team. It is easy to observe the team's current performance at a proven betting shop. Here all live bets are available to any registered customer.

Returning to «Bayern», we observe that, occasionally, even such a strong team can fail. Pressure from the press, not having the best form of leadership, unsuccessful tactical plan for the game - these are just some of the factors that can lead to a bad result.

Furthermore, Munich players often realize that they may make one or two mistakes during the season. In this case, your championship is still not threatening at all. The most important thing is that these results are only punctual. However, in the 2023/2024 campaign, this led to the loss of the championship title.

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