Discover why Florianópolis is the best Brazilian destination

Exploring Florianópolis, the most magical island in Brazil.

Florianópolis was recently discovered by tourists as one of the best places you can visit not only in Brazil, but in all of South America! If you are looking for clean beaches, crystal clear waters and a great tourist infrastructure, look no further.

Island Access Bridges - Photo: Connect Drone

There are many reasons behind the dizzying popularity of the island of Santa Catarina. Beautiful natural seas, vibrant nightlife, a welcoming waterfront and a long list of exciting activities to participate in are offered along with a safe environment for your enjoyment.

Known as Ilha da Magia and nicknamed Floripa by locals, this coastal town has everything you're looking for, guaranteed.


What are the postcards of Florianópolis?

You'll find everything you could expect from a beautiful tropical island when you arrive in Florianópolis, despite being a well-connected hotspot to the mainland. Rugged forests, lush mountains, long stretches of coastline, magnificent dunes and tranquil lakes are all waiting for you.

Joaquina Beach with Lagoa da Conceição in the background

And that's not all!

There are also lively neighborhoods full of activities. Fabulous restaurants that serve oysters from Florianópolis, famous for accompanying other fresh seafood. And that's even before you start exploring some of the best nightlife options Brazil has to offer. Furthermore, it is possible to suit every traveler's budget when it comes to where to stay in florianopolis. You can choose from cheap backpacker hostels or stay in luxury resorts, as you wish.

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Super Sports and Activities

If you're interested in doing a little more than just strolling along the beach, why not check out the many recreational options available? You can try paragliding, sandboarding, windsurfing, diving or surfing as you like.

Water sports in Lagoa da Conceição

The best things to do in Florianopolis

The east coast of the island is a paradise for surfers. So, if you're interested in catching some waves, head to this part of Floripa. THE Conceição Lagoon it is the ultimate paragliding destination, perfect for paddling and great for windsurfing enthusiasts, but the whole island has something to offer for hikers. Reward yourself for your hard work by taking a hike that will take you to the secluded Lagoinha do Este and you will be convinced that you somehow ended up in paradise. Divers will be amazed by the many options of locations to see the underwater wildlife that Florianópolis has.

If shopping is more your thing, you'll be happy to know that there are several huge malls on the island, all with over 150 ultra-modern and sporty stores, as well as cinemas with the latest movies. Foodies will have a great time trying out the wonderful cuisine the island is famous for. Oysters are a must, as is the famous prawn string, and don't forget to take a boat tour if you have time.

Floripa is a capital, like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but here it's safe, fun and full of epic attractions.


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