How to recover a corrupted CD or DVD in just a few steps

recover a CD or DVD

We live in a digitized world, and thinking about how to recover a CD or Corrupt DVD is part of the routine. Get ahead and learn about programs that offer this feature, it avoids stress when a file is lost.

There are photos, videos, documents, college work and many others which may be saved on digital media. They all have great value and when one gets corrupted, Wondershare Recoverit can help with recovery.

There are people who end up making a lot of copies of files and saving them on several DVDs. When you need to find a document or photo, you get lost number of physical devices. Another point is having to read them all until find what you are looking for.

If anyone thought that the solution might be in the cloud, know that neither ever. The files that went there may already be compromised or be damaged in the upload process. There is no way to be completely free from the problem of damaged videos, photos and other documents.

There is a simpler way to deal with the problem, SD card data recovery or another device, already exists. Knowing how it works is the easiest way. 

O that can corrupt a CD or DVD?

Before thinking about how to recover a corrupted CD or DVD, understand the which may cause the problem.

When trying to open a file an error message appears or file corrupted. This is a sign that it has been damaged or compromised. Same close and reopen, the message persists until the problem is resolved. adjusted.

At this moment, whoever is in front of the screen begins to feel a despair, after all, cannot lose what is saved nor wait for a professional solve the problem. The thought is what happened.

The causes can be varied, some of which are more common:

  • Damage the physical device with scratches, excess sun or heat.
  • Abrupt system shutdown.
  • On HDs and pen drives there may be component compromise.
  • Electromagnetic fields.
  • Remove from the computer improperly or during data transfer.
  • Virus or malware infection.

Generally, it is possible to recover the files, but to do so You need to have the right tools and knowledge.

O What is Wondershare Recoverit

There are different programs on the market that allow recover a corrupted CD or DVD in a few steps. Many of them even manage to do this, but the result is not always as expected and there is a loss of quality or files.

Wondershare Recoverit differentiates itself with its enhanced recovery, ensuring a high quality result. This software has global recognition, being used by millions of people around the world.

It features patented technology that cannot be found in another program. This is only possible because it has a technical team qualified and more than 20 years of experience in data recovery.

Its full version for Windows or Mac has the ability to restore More than 1.000 file types and formats from different file locations storage. That CD that has the invitation, photos and videos from your friend's party children, can be fully restored and ensure that this memory remains ever.

The software has a full paid version that allows you to recover unlimited files and no file size limit. The version of test, like the online one, has some restrictions, but for those who want Knowing Wondershare Recoverit is a good option.

You Features and Benefits of Wondershare Recoverit

This software has some attractions that attract users' attention, which is why it ended up winning notoriety. Some points can be highlighted.

Recovery of different formats

The versatility is impressive, it is possible to recover videos, photos, images, text documents, spreadsheets and many others, there are more than 1.000 file formats recognized with just one program.

Effective with several errors

It doesn't matter what caused the problem, virus, deleted information improperly or otherwise, it can recover a corrupted CD or DVD. A concern should not be in investigating the source of the error, as this will cause the software resolves.

High recovery rate

The results are impressive, around 95% of the files are recovered and are of high quality. This number makes it stand out in the market and continues to be one of our favorites.

Any Can a person recover a corrupted CD or DVD

You don't need to have technology knowledge to use the program. It is designed with the end user in mind, being very intuitive and easy to use. to use. If you still have any doubts, the website offers a guide with steps and there is support.

Its audience is varied, it can be used by students, users housekeepers, professionals or anyone who needs help to ensure that your files are saved.

Functions extras

The software recovers external devices, but also restores computer data, for example, deleted from the recycle bin. To stay more complete, it has a line of products that help with data recovery from Outlook and file backup.

He has quick results

Wondershare Recoverit works well and still manages to do this quickly. While scanning to find the files in the device, it already performs the recovery. The processes are simultaneous and in Within minutes it is possible to recover a corrupted CD or DVD.

Step how to recover a corrupted CD or DVD

The steps to recover a corrupted HD, pen drive, CD or DVD are as follows: same. The idea is that the program is intuitive and easy to use in any situation. In a few steps and clicks, you can review everything you it was saved on external media.

  1. Download the program according to your operating system.
  2. Place the CD or DVD into your computer so it can be located and read.
  3. Open Wondershare Recovery.
  4. In “Hard drives and locations” select the device to be recovered and click start.
  1. In a few minutes the files will be located and verified.
  2. Click on the file to preview and ensure you are recovering what you want.
  3. With the file selected, click recover and save it to another location.

In just a few minutes, files that seem lost forever are restored and in a safe location.

To recover a corrupted CD or DVD, you just need to follow a few steps and have good software.


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