From online casino platforms to parks and beaches: how to free your mind from everyday routine in Florianópolis

There are days during the week when all we want to do is spend the hours letting our mind “float”. Thus, we can put ourselves in places outside the routine and that do not involve everyday obligations, such as tidying up details of the house, working, studying, among other physical and mental efforts that are not always pleasant.

However, even during these mental freedom exercises, it is good to have a guide to take us to places that allow us to achieve some relaxation and tranquility. This trajectory can involve practices that give us the opportunity to visit different worlds, some of which are watching movies or playing games on video platforms. cassino online, since there we can explore universes such as medieval fantasy, with games like magic hunter, or that of Greco-Roman mythology, with Divine Fortune.

Video games are also another great tool for this relaxation process to take place, even if temporarily. The release of video games like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X has caused the price of older generation consoles to drop along with their games. Thus, it has become easier to access the vast catalogs of these two platforms in recent months, something that can generate hours, if not days, of a good form of distraction through games like Ori and the Blind Forest e Divinity: Original Sin.

Outdoor spaces to "let go" of worries

However, it's not just relaxing on a sofa or armchair that you reach that mental state that is so necessary in front of the daily routine. It is also possible to do this while the body moves, even more so in a city like Florianópolis, which has so many good options for outdoor leisure and, consequently, with scenarios that delight the eyes even of those who live there.

One of these spaces is Coconut Trees Park, which is close to the Florianópolis campus of the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina and to the bridges connecting the island and the mainland area of ​​the city. There are 50 meters of space available for walking and cycling, in addition to large lawns that share the space with a lake and the famous coconut trees that give the park its name.

Another good space to calm your mind and connect with yourself is the Córrego Grande Municipal Park, which is very close to the Federal University of Santa Catarina campus. This is the largest park in the city, with 21 hectares of ecological area that offer lakes, trails, spaces for picnics and exhibition of domestic and wild animals, from ducks to alligators.

There's no way to talk about ways to explore the natural areas of Florianópolis without mentioning the most suitable beaches for it. Among them is the Daniela's Beach, which has a short space between sand and water due to the vegetation found on dry land. But, thanks to its calm and warmer waters than other popular beaches in the region, Praia da Daniela turned out to be a great space to perform physical activities on the sand and in its surroundings.

One cannot fail to mention what is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Brazil: Praia da Lagoinha do Leste, which is located opposite Praia da Daniela. Its access on foot is through a trail that may not be the easiest to perform, but it is one of the most rewarding, considering the view that you have on the way and on arrival at the destination.

Florianópolis in recent times has given increasing importance to its economic development, and this has generated tangible results for the population of the city. Luckily, the place has managed to keep the focus on growth in balance with what nature offers in the region, thus allowing its inhabitants to have the privilege of a life close to nature and its benefits.


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