A survey by the Gata Urbana website shows that 57% of luxury escorts in Florianópolis have already seen a football player

A survey shows that 66% of call girls in the city support a sports team; Avaí is the most beloved team among this audience

If it has already been duly established that football has been part of the life of the female public in general for a long time, the world of the ball has also entered the routine of women in the oldest profession in the world. A survey prepared by the ad site urban cat shows that this universe is increasingly present in the daily lives of luxury escorts working in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. According to the survey, 57% of these call girls said they had attended a player in the modality in traditional meetings between four walls. Also in the same group evaluated, 66% of the interviewees said they supported a sports team that is a true national passion. Among the professionals consulted for this survey, Avaí is the preferred champion in this survey. The local association is the representative of the capital of Santa Catarina in the elite of the Brazilian Championship. The survey was carried out throughout the month of July in nine cities in the states of Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and São Paulo. O urban cat consulted a total of 1.800 luxury companions in these municipalities, of which 350 were only in Florianópolis. The interviews took place via digital channels, through WhatsApp. With the use of this application, the site asked if the call girl “has ever dated a player”, “she was rooting for a team in the sport and for which team”. O urban cat also asked whether or not the sex worker practiced any sport. About this part of the analysis, 66% of the interviewees showed to be concerned about the body, claiming that they do some physical activity. The person responsible for the website urban cat, Aline Torquato, highlighted that the idea of ​​preparing and organizing the research arose after the controversy generated about an alleged aggression against the player Neymar and the model Najila Trindade. The case had repercussions across the country as well as the world. “From this story published in the media in general, a great curiosity was aroused to know how this world of football influences or directly reflects on the work of luxury escorts. Thus, it was possible to know how this world fits into their daily lives and whether it has any direct connection with the activities”, she clarifies.   Favorite teams in Florianopolis In Florianópolis, the survey found a total of nine teams that are among the favorites of luxury escorts. Three teams from Santa Catarina occupy the top three positions on the list. Avaí appears in first place, with 22%. Then, Figueirense is in second place, with 16%. Next, Criciúma comes in third, with 12% of the preference of prostitutes in the city. After the hegemony of local clubs, São Paulo emerged in the next three positions in the list of favorite teams of luxury escorts. Corinthians was in fourth place, with 11%. Palmeiras and São Paulo are tied and have 9% preference each. Another draw also happens with Chapecoense and Santos. Both are with 7% each team. Joinville was at the bottom of the list, with 6%.

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  General survey data The site urban cat organized the survey in nine cities across the country. Of these, three are in Santa Catarina, another three in Paraná, two in the state of São Paulo and one in Rio Grande do Sul. The survey shows that 63% of call girls have already provided some kind of assistance to a soccer player. In addition, 77% of the companions analyzed said they supported a favorite team. Still within the sample, 71% claimed to practice a sport in their free time. In the poll, the call girls named a total of 24 different teams. The three best-placed teams in this ranking are from the state of São Paulo. Among the ten most voted, Corinthians heads the list of preferred associations, according to the survey, with 10,5% of professionals consulted. Then come São Paulo, with 9,3%, and Palmeiras (9,1%). After São Paulo's hegemony in the ranking, two teams from Santa Catarina appear in the general list. Avaí and Figueirense are in fourth and fifth places, with 8,1% and 6,6%, respectively. The sixth position was for Athletico Paranaense. The team has 6,1% of preference among companions. In seventh place is Santos (5,4%). Completing the list of 10 favorite teams are Coritiba (5,3%), Grêmio (5,2%) and Criciúma (5%). Another five associations are at the bottom of the list. In 1,2th place, Botafogo do Rio Janeiro appears, with 0,9%. Next are Paraná Clube (0,5%), Botafogo de Ribeirão Preto (0,4%) and Fluminense (0,1%). Mirassol (SP) is the last place, with XNUMX% of the female preference. “The research also showed that the regional aspect influenced the results, so much so that some local teams emerged in the regional survey and are not even known to the general public”, analyzes Aline. urban cat The site urban cat was created in 2015 and is considered one of the largest classifieds for luxury escorts in the country. The page has more than 500 pageviews per month. Its objective is to seek to connect professionals with their clients interested in a company for social events, such as dinners, weddings, business trips or even company get-togethers. Dedicated only and exclusively to ads for girls, the urban cat It has more than 3 registered girls. The site has a strong presence, especially in the interior of São Paulo and in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. Apart from that, it is also the first to act as adult classifieds with the Verified Escort Seal, which guarantees the veracity of the ads. This avoids false profiles in this virtual space, with girls who use other people's images. The site has also been highlighted more recently with the development of research aimed at this audience in particular, within its proposal to also be a generation of data related to luxury escorts. Among these surveys are the profile of the country's call girls, carried out last February, and the favorite fetishes of male clients, organized in March of this year. Consultancy Website Gata Urbana


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