Geek Nation Livestream online event unveils full schedule

From August 14th to 16th, extensive free programming will be broadcast virtually

Event logo. Credit: Disclosure.

A Geek Nation Livestream, event that occurs free of charge online on August 14th, 15th and 16th, it will feature a program that covers the four main pillars of entertainment: Games and Technology, Western Pop Culture, Oriental Pop Culture e Lifestyle. The event brings together important names from Brazil and the world and features exclusive content from some of the productions.

Among the highlights of the program are panels on popular names in popular culture, such as: the movie "trolls 2", the series "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"the video game"The Last of Us - Part II" and a conversation promoted by Paris Filmes about "Monica's Gang: Lessons".

Charitable Contributions

From this Wednesday (12), until the next day 17, spectators will be able to contribute to the institute BE+, a non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on offering professional training and personal development to young people in situations of social vulnerability. The institution, which in 2018 was recognized as one of the Top 100 NGOs in Brazil, has, during the pandemic, directed its efforts to purchase and deliver food baskets to the families of young people who are part of the project's programs.

To further encourage the collaboration process with SER+, each donation made will be converted into coupons that will guarantee audience participation in the prize draw and also greetings with some of Geek Nation Livestream's influencers. It is important to remember that you can donate as many times as you want and the more you donate, the more chances you have to win. To make your donation, see the prizes and get your coupons, just scan the QR code No. official website or during transmission.

Where to follow?

It is possible to follow the event through the profiles of Geek Nation Brasil on social networks: Instagram (@geeknationbrasil) Twitter (@geeknationbr) Facebook.

In addition, the broadcasts will be on the channel of the YouTube and other networks like NimoTv, Tik Tok and Booyah. You can follow everything and get more information through the official website.

Check the complete program of the event

August 14th (Friday) - Opening + Owl, from 20 pm to 22 pm, with:
Geek Nation Livestream: Know the schedule;
Chat between hosts;
Escape 60' Experience;

From 23:07 to XNUMX:XNUMX: Blizzard Owl, with Host – THEDARKNESS.

Logo of the producer and distributor Blizzard. Image: Disclosure.

August 15th (Saturday) - Game & Tech: Intro, from 10:50 am to 11:XNUMX am: Streaming & E-sports;

From 11 am to 11:20 am: "The story of a streamer and the first steps to becoming one" - Host: Barbara Gutierrez. Guests: Wax e Rodrigo Russo;

From 11:20 am to 11:45 am: Representativeness in streaming - Host: Barbara Gutierrez. Guests: Nicky e JujuGamer;

From 11:45 am to 12:40 pm: "From anonymity to stardom: what a caster's life is like". Hosts: Barbara Gutierrez. Guests: camilomaxp, diego hads e Luiz Folha;

From 12:40 am to 13:40 pm: "Democratization of E-Sports" - 3 Panels. With THEDARKNESS e Felipe Felix (guest host). Guests: Evelyn Mackus, Luiz Queiroga e Rodrigo Guerra;

From 13:40 pm to 15:XNUMX pm: 10 Years of Blizzard Special🇧🇷 Hosts: THEDARKNESS e Barbara Gutierrez. Guests: André de Abreu, Thiago Fagundes, Priscila Amorim, Adna Cruz, Flora toothpick, John Capelli, Renato Hermeto, Raphael Bessa e Taryn Szpilman;

CONSOLE - from 15:15 to 25:XNUMX: "Mortal Kombat: From fan to fan". Host: THEDARKNESS. Guests: KONQUEROR, Killer Xinok, boom e GameplayRJ;

From 15:25 am to 15:45 am: Crash Bandicoot 4🇧🇷 Host: Barbara Gutierrez. Guests: Chat with lint - interview with Paul Yan;

From 15:45 pm to 16:XNUMX pm: "Fast & Furious: Crossroads". Host: THEDARKNESS. Guest: Andy Tudor;

From 16:16 pm to 15:XNUMX pm: Project Cars 3🇧🇷 Host: THEDARKNESS. Guest: Joe Barron;

From 16:15 am to 16:30 pm: "Ghost of Tsushima". Host: Barbara Gutierrez. Guests: Otávio Ugá e Miguel do Canal Peewee;

From 16:30 pm to 17:XNUMX pm: "The Last of Us II". Host: Barbara Gutierrez. Guests: mikann, Octavio Neto e Luiza Caspary.

Publicity image for the movie "Monica's Gang: Lessons". Credit: Paris Films.

Day 15/08 (Saturday) Western Pop + Horror
Animations, from 17:17 to 40:XNUMX. Title: trolls 2🇧🇷 Hosts: Federico Devito e Carol Moreira. Guests: Walt Dohrn (director), Jullie e Hugo Bonemer;

From 17:40 am to 17:55 am: Panel "The Little Red Shoe and the Seven Dwarfs";

National, from 18:18 to 25:XNUMX: "Monica's Gang: Lessons". Host: Daniel Rezende (Movie's director). Guests: Mauritius de Souza, Daniel Rezende and child cast of the long;

From 18:25 am to 18:27 pm: "Blue Building Detective". Guests: Klara Castanho and cast;

From 18:30 am to 18:55 am: Panel ''M-8 - When Death Helps Life''🇧🇷 Hosts: Jacídio Jr. Guests: Jefferson De, Juan Paiva e Mariana nunes;

Series, from 18:55 to 19:15: "carenteners". Host: Federico Devito. Guests: Aline Diniz, Silvia Fu e Erico Borgo;

From 19:15 am to 19:45 pm: "Siren and Absentee". Host: Federico Devito;

From 19:45 pm to 20:XNUMX pm: "Any given day". Host: Carol Moreira. Guests: Peter Kruger, Mariana nunes e Augusto Madeira;

From 20:20 pm to 20:XNUMX pm: Brooklyn 99🇧🇷 Hosts: Federico Devito e Valentina Pulgarine (guest host);

From 20:20 am to 20:40 am: The Simpsons and Duncanville🇧🇷 Host: Federico Devito;

From 20:40 pm to 21:XNUMX pm: "After 2". Host: Carol Moreira. Guests: The Gurriti, Naty Gerez e Angelica Bello;

BLOCKBUSTERS, from 21:21 to 15:XNUMX: "Bacurau". Host: Carol Moreira. Guests: Kleber Mendonça Son, Sivero Pereira e Thadelly Lima;

From 21:15 am to 21:30 am: Star Wars: Father to Son🇧🇷 Host: Federico Devito;

From 21:30 am to 22:15 am: Marvel Universe🇧🇷 Host: Federico Devito. Guest: Luciano Amaral;

From 22:15 am to 22:30 am: crime moguls🇧🇷 Host: Federico Devito. Guest: Renata Boldrini;

Horror, from 22:30 pm to 22:40 pm: "The DarkPictures: Little Hope". Host: Federico Devito. Interview with the developer;

From 22:50 am to 23:10 pm: "A Quiet Place 2". Host: Federico Devito. Guests: Renato Marafon, Renata Boldrini e I look at Malacrida;

From 23:10 am to 23:55 am: Blumhouse Productions Special🇧🇷 Host: Federico Devito. Guests: Caio Muniz, Renato Marafon e Barbara Demerov;

Rodrigo Cruz is one of the guests. Image credit: Disclosure.

Day 16/08 (Sunday) - Oriental Pop:
Tokusatsu, from 12:30 to 12:40: "Hosts Presentation"- Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere;

From 12:40 pm to 13:XNUMX pm: "Hosts + Sato Company: Impacts of the Pandemic and What's Next". Hosts: Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere. Guest: Nelson Sato;

From 13:13 pm to 35:XNUMX pm: Black Kamen Rider🇧🇷 Hosts: Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere. guests: Francisco Bretas e Luiz Antonio Lobue;

From 13:35 pm to 14:XNUMX pm: National Kid🇧🇷 Hosts: Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere;

From 14:14 pm to 20:XNUMX pm: special jaspion🇧🇷 Hosts: Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere. Guests: Nelson Sato;

Manga, from 14:20 pm to 14:40 pm: special jaspion🇧🇷 Hosts: Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere. Guests: Ed Carlos, Michel Borges e Fabio Yabu;

Anime, from 14:40 pm to 15:XNUMX pm: My Hero Academia: Rise of Heroes🇧🇷 Hosts: Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere. Guests: Official voice actors;

From 15:15 pm to 20:XNUMX pm: Webtoons | God Of High School And Tower Of God🇧🇷 Hosts: Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere. Guest: Matheus All Blue;

From 15:20 am to 15:40 am: Cinépolis Special: Time With You🇧🇷 Hosts: Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere;

From 15:45 am to 16:20 am: Fire Force🇧🇷 Hosts: Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere;

From 16:20 pm to 17:XNUMX pm: Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of The New Champions🇧🇷 Host: Ricardo CruzMore Geek e Guto Chronosphere. Guest: Diego Paramio;

Lifestyle, from 17pm to 17:10pm: Hosts Introduction - Slovakia, Moo e Midori;

K-pop, from 17:10 pm to 17:25 pm: Panel "More Than Fans". Host: Midori. Guest: jotten.

From 17:30 am to 17:40 am: Panel "In the Skin of an Idol" - The Secrets of Kbeauty Part 1🇧🇷 Host: Midori.

From 17:40 am to 17:55 am: Panel "In the Skin of an Idol" - The Secrets of Kbeauty Part 2🇧🇷 Host: Midori. Guest: Yuna Chung.

Behavior, from 18:18 pm to 30:XNUMX pm: Tony Hawk Ps 1+2🇧🇷 Host: THEDARKNESS. Guest: Ale (Charlie Brown Jr band)

From 18:30 pm to 19:XNUMX pm: Panel on Collecting.

From 19:19 pm to 30:XNUMX pm: Avon Dashboard: The Impact of the Pandemic on Content Creation🇧🇷 Host: Slovakia. Guests: Moo, Midori e Influencers.

Cosplay, from 19:35 pm to 19:55 pm: Panel "Sailor Moon: More Than An Anime, A Lifestyle"🇧🇷 Hosts: Slovakia & Moo. Guest: Leticia 'Cosmos'.

From 20:20 pm to 25:XNUMX pm: Panel & Q&A: Kamui Cosplay🇧🇷 Host: Slovakia & Moo. Guest: Kamui Cosplay.

From 20:30 am to 21:40 am: Cosplay Contest. Host: Slovakia & Moo.

From 21:40 am to 22:05 am: Panel Comics, Life Stories - The Mainstream Comics🇧🇷 Host: the batcave.

From 22:10 am to 22:25 am: Cosplay Contest Results🇧🇷 Host: Slovakia & Moo. Guest: Kamui Cosplay.

From 22:30 pm to 23:XNUMX pm: Closing and Just Dance.

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