Casino in Florianópolis: speculations about casinos move backstage in the capital

Bill 442/1991 brought new expectations for those who like to have fun in real casinos. This is because its approval in the Chamber of Deputies represents a great chance that this PL becomes law and casinos are released once and for all within the national territory.

By way of context, physical casinos are totally prohibited within Brazil. The alternative that remains for Brazilians is to play this type of game over the Internet on sites that are not located in the national territory.

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Hercílio Luz Bridge with the Colombo Sales Bridge in the background.

Currently, it is possible to play slot machines, bingo, lotteries, scratch cards and even access a live casino to have fun as if you were in a real place, where people interact with you and deliver cards, spin the roulette wheel and much more. .

According to Eddy Cheung, one of those responsible for the site, the large participation of Brazilians - including Florianopolitans - in the world of live casinos is an indication that the capital of Santa Catarina has a good chance of having a real casino on the island, as soon as Bill 442/1991 is approved by the Senate Federal.

Just one casino for all of Santa Catarina

Bill 442/1991 does not only take into account the presence of a real casino within the Brazilian territory, but also the existence of bingo, as well as Bicheiros - professionals who accept bets on the Jogo do Bicho.

The number of authorized casinos, bingos and bookmakers depends on the population of the state in which they will be installed. In the case of a casino, for example, it is possible to have up to one unit within the territory of Santa Catarina.

This is because, according to PL 442/1991, for states with up to 15 million inhabitants it is possible to enter only one physical casino. In this case, Florianópolis competes with other cities in Santa Catarina to receive a building of this size.

The only capital that will be able to receive 3 casinos is São Paulo, as it has more than 25 million inhabitants. For the rest, all the others will receive 2 or 1 unit of this size to offer their visitors.

In the case of bingo and Jogo do Bicho, the proportion is also relative to the state population. For those who want to play bingo, it is good to keep in mind that a municipality may have one bingo hall for every 150 inhabitants.

For Jogo do Bicho, in turn, one authorization will be allowed for every 700 inhabitants per state. As Santa Catarina has approximately 7 million, according to IBGE data, 10 credentials would be distributed so that bookies could legally operate within the territory of Santa Catarina.

Capital has good chances

When it is said that Santa Catarina may only have one live casino for players to come in and play their favorite games, speculation about which municipality would receive a construction of this size already begins.

Some enthusiasts believe that Balneário Camboriú is the main candidate due to its glamor and attraction of several famous names - like striker Neymar, for example, who has real estate in the region.

This could be a good incentive for businessmen who are willing to invest in casinos in Brazil to decide to choose Balneário Camboriú as the location for the creation of the casino in Santa Catarina. However, Florianópolis does not want to be left out of the dispute. There are already businessmen eyeing the capital of Santa Catarina as one of the possibilities for building a casino.

Despite having problems with traffic, several investments were made with the aim of improving the urban mobility within the capital, which serves as an incentive for businessmen to build a real casino in Florianópolis.

For the time being, the best option is to wait for PL 442/1991 to be approved and, from then on, wait to see which municipality in Santa Catarina will be contemplated by this investment that promises to move tourism a lot wherever it is installed.


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