Canasvieiras: tips for making the most of Ilha da Magia beach

Canasvieiras beach
Canasvieiras beach

If you are looking for an unforgettable trip, with clean sea, clear, warm and calm waters, Praia de Canasvieiras is the ideal place for you. 

Located in the north of the island of Florianópolis, the location is perfect for the summer, being one of the favorite destinations for tourists on the island. So much so that Argentineans, Uruguayans and Paraguayans are always there. 

Want to discover more details about this amazing place? So, read on and find out how to make the most of Ilha da Magia. 

How is Canasvieiras Beach?

Canasvieiras beach is popularly known for its beauty, water temperature and the large presence of Latin tourists.  

This qualifies the place as a great place for children and for those who want to practice sports such as stand up paddle. 

When to visit Canasvieiras Beach? 

The best time of year is between spring and summer. In winter, the tourist finds very low temperatures and a lot of rain. 

In autumn, on the other hand, there are hot days, however, the winds are constant. 

How to get to Canasvieiras beach by car?

Located to the north of the island of Florianópolis, just follow Beira-Mar towards the SC-401 highway.

When you reach the highway, go straight ahead until you reach the cloverleaf road to Canasvieiras beach. The distance from the center to there is approximately 26 km. 

How to get to Canasvieiras beach by plane? 

When arriving by plane, keep in mind that the way to the beach is longer. That's because the airport is located in the south of the island. Thus, you will have to travel almost 40 km. However, the path is very signposted, which facilitates the path. 

The tip is to leave the airport via the access road and follow Av. Department Diomício Freitas to the Governador Aderbal Ramos da Silva Highway. Then, go through the tunnel to the center of Florianópolis. 

Another option is to cut through the Pantanal neighborhood towards Rodovia SC-401. 

How to get to Canasvieiras beach by bus? 

Look for transport that leaves from the integrated terminals, such as TICEN (in Centro) and TITRI (in Trindade).

What to do on Canasvieiras beach?

Once you know how to get to Canasvieiras beach, it's time to discover some leisure options there, check it out: 

Gastronomy and boat trip 

Taking advantage of the strong presence of Argentine cuisine is an essential tip for those on Canasvieiras beach. 

At the same time, take boat trips that leave from Trapiche, located to the right of the beach.

A great example of this is the Pirate Boat. With up to 5 hours of fun, it contains a vessel decorated with swords and pirate hats. In addition, the employees are characterized to cheer up the crowd.  

The boat's route is incredible, as it has stops at Ilha do Frances, Ilha de Anhatomirim and Baía dos Golfinhos. 

In addition, it is still possible to go diving paying for the fun on the outside. 


The tip is to practice stand up paddle. There are affordable options that guarantee fun for 1 hour. 

Do you prefer emotion? So, look for the Banana Boat, which takes tourists to the French Island and provides a break for diving.

Now, if you want to gather friends or family to have a party on the high seas, rent a boat. However, you need to book in advance, agreed? 

Where to stay on Canasvieiras beach?

The island has an excellent accommodation structure, with several options of hotels, inns, houses and apartments for rent. 

Are you curious? 

To make a good decision, choose options that have everything that one of the best hotels in Florianópolis by the sea can offer, such as parking, swimming pool, breakfast, exclusive access to the beach and jacuzzi.

Like this?

Now that you know what Canasvieiras beach is like, don't waste any more time and schedule your next vacation to this incredible place.


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