Stained glass at Palácio Cruz e Sousa undergoes restoration

This Friday, August 4, the long-awaited process of restoring the stained glass window in the Dining Room of the Historical Museum of Santa Catarina (MHSC), located in the Cruz e Sousa Palace, a priceless relic installed in the 1920s, began. by Casa Conrado. The restoration project represents an important milestone for the preservation of the state's history and culture. This is the first time that the stained glass window will undergo a restoration process since its installation almost a century ago. The action aims to recover the integrity of the panels and revitalize the beauty of this relevant cultural heritage.

The work will be conducted by the renowned curator Mariana Wertheimer. The specialist is recognized for her expertise in Conservation and Restoration of Stained Glass, having carried out interventions on medieval panels at the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória and on modernist panels at the National Institute of Statistics, both in Portugal.

The proposed treatment will be carried out directly at the MHSC, involving careful replacements and filling in specific gaps. This approach will ensure that the work is executed with the utmost respect for the history and artistic value of the piece. The forecast is that the conclusion of the restoration project will take place in April 2024.

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Executed by Casa Conrado (SP) and installed in the Palace at the beginning of the 1890th century, its manufacture is inspired by the Art Nouveau style, a movement started in France that was driven by industrial innovations with the use of materials such as iron, glass and wood that became popular in several countries between the 1920s and XNUMXs, influencing architecture, furniture, illustration and the decorative arts.


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