35th Pato Loko Party with É O Tchan

É Tchan brings together more than 7 thousand people at the Pato Loko party




Using the 'wild' theme, Pato Loko, a party produced by the 4th phase of the UFSC Dentistry course and by the PHE Agency, made history in its 35th edition with an audience of more than 7 thousand people on Friday, March 31, 2017 , at Stage Music Park.

The event featured the national show of É O Tchan, which in the almost two hours of show raised and excited the crowd with contagious energy and emotion that only a group that marked generations could bring. The group, led by Beto Jamaica and Compadre Washington, presented the songs that were successful throughout their career, such as “Segura o Tchan”, “Dança da Cordinha” and “É O Tchan na Selva”, in addition to new compositions.


The party also had two other stages, an exclusive one for electronic music, signed by the Neptune label, a project of Injeção Eletrônica Festival in partnership with Agência PHE. And the funk and hip hop stage, Cowzando, led by DJ Meu Nome É Vaca.

Pato Loko Selvagem is the first party of the Circuito Universitário Floripa to be sponsored by the national brand of condoms Olla.


Thais Teixeira

Photos: Adriel Douglas


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