Little Women, a period drama directed by Greta Gerwig, premieres this week on Cinemulti

The week's debut cinemulti, the first movie theater in the south of Santa Catarina Island, is the romance/comedy "Lovely Women". The film that presents the challenges of the sisters Jo (played by Saoirse Ronan), Beth (Eliza Scanlen), Meg (Emma Watson) and Amy (Florence Pugh) to grow united by the love they nourish for each other during the Civil War in United States, opens at two times 17:21 pm and 35:XNUMX pm.

The national comedy starring Paulo Gustavo, Minha Mãe é Uma Peça 3, at 13:19 pm and 30:15 pm, and the animation Playmobil, at 05:XNUMX pm, are on the schedule.

Cinemulti is located in Multi Open Shopping. Tickets from Monday to Wednesday cost R$ 20 (full price) and R$ 10 (half price for seniors, students and teachers upon receipt), while from Thursday to Sunday and holidays the price is R$ 25 and R$ 12,50, XNUMX for half price. Payment can be made by cash, card (credit and debit) and by learning how to buy bitcoin.

Full schedule for the week of January 09th to 15th:

My mother is a 3 piece (comedy) – session at 13 pm and 19:30 pm:

Synopsis: Dona Hermínia will have to rediscover and reinvent herself because her children are forming new families. This supermom will have to hold back her emotion to deal with a new life scenario: Marcelina is pregnant and Juliano is getting married. Dona Hermínia is more anxious than she has ever been. To complete the confusion, Carlos Alberto, her ex-husband, who was always around, now decides to move into the apartment next door.

Playmobil (animation) – dubbed – session at 15:05:

Synopsis: Marla is used to taking care of her older brother Charlie, until the day the two are transported into the magical universe of Playmobil. The girl embarks on a rescue journey with the help of new friends found along the way, such as secret agent Rex Dasher, trucker Del, a fairy godmother and an android.

Lovely Women (romance/comedy) – session at 17:21 and 35:XNUMX:

Synopsis: Sisters Jo (Saoirse Ronan), Beth (Eliza Scanlen), Meg (Emma Watson) and Amy (Florence Pugh) come of age at the turn of adolescence to adulthood as America navigates the Civil War. With completely different personalities, they face the challenges of growing together by the love they have for each other.

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