The Best of Culture in Florianopolis

The Best of Culture in Florianópolis

Situated in southern Brazil, Florianópolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina and is separated into two parts. The main part of the city is located on a small island which plays host to much of the Florianópolis culture and the region is characterized by its many beaches, restaurants, bars, outdoor sporting activities, and rich history. Use this guide to plan your ultimate trip to Florianopolis!

The Public Market

The first public market in Florianópolis was opened in 1851 and now there is a permanent public market located in a building, which was built over 50 years ago. Here you can find treasures and trinkets from local Florianópolis traders and those from further afield in Brazil, as well as food, clothing, crockery, and art.

Historic Center

The historic center of Florianópolis consists of a variety of different locations including the Cathedral Metropolitana, leafy parks, plazas, and museums. This beautiful and culturally rich area of ​​the city is characterized by a fantastic variety of restaurants, bars, accommodation to suit every budget, and retail outlets. Taking a stroll through this area provides plenty to see and do and is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


40+ beaches

A big part of the culture in Florianópolis is it's over 40 beaches that offer everything from the ultimate in relaxation to water sports galore. The most popular beaches for surfing are Praia Mole and Praia Brava, while Barra de Lagao is perfect for looking to relax while enjoying the best pokies app in the sunshine. The pristine Praia Moçambique is located within a nature reserve and Jurere offers some of the best nightlife in the region.


Night Life

If you really want to experience the culture of a region, you have to head to the streets at night. Voted the 'Party Destination of the Year' in 2009 by the New York Times, Florianópolis is home to a wonderful variety of lounges and bars that transform into clubs after sundown, many of which are right on the beachfront. No matter what you're looking for in a night out on the town, Florianópolis has something for everyone.

Fortress of Santo Antônio de Ratones

Situated on the small island of Ratón Grande in the bay north of the Isle of Santa Catarina, Fortaleza de Santo Antônio de Ratones was built in the 18th century. This fortress served as a defense during the occupation of the south of Brazil and strengthened the Portuguese reign over Colonia del Sacramento. Surrounded by lush green vegetation, Fortaleza de Santo Antônio de Ratones is definitely worth a visit.

Many Museums

As is the case in regions with a rich history, there are many museums worth visiting in Florianopolis. We recommend visiting the Santa Catarina Art Museum – which is known as the region's official institution for fine art – and the Santa Catarina History Museum. With the aim of preserving the Azorean culture, the Eco-Museum of Ribeirão da Ilha is definitely a worthwhile experience, as is the Museum of the Sambaqui Men.


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