Tribute to Jim Morrison – JIM Show

Tribute to Jim Morrison with full theater in Florianópolis

The physical resemblance and voice timbre with Jim Morrison are not the only attributes of the actor Eriberto Leão that contribute to the success of the musical JIM, which is playing at Teatro Pedro Ivo, in Florianópolis. A declared fan of the lead singer of The Doors and creator of the show, the artist shows that he also has a talent for music, when interpreting the greatest hits of the star who died at the age of 27.



On stage, Eriberto Leão plays a fan of Jim Morrison who is in front of the grave of his greatest idol, in the Père-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. At 40, the musical's main character has never met James "Jim" Douglas Morrison, but he faces the frustration of not having lived intensely like him. With a gun in his hand, he wants to settle a score with Jim. The monologue is broken by the arrival of a mysterious woman, coincidentally resembling Pamela Courson, the rocker's girlfriend.

It was with the theater full, on the first night of the show, that Eriberto Leão showed what he came for. On stage, what was seen was a harmonious interpretation by Eriberto and actress Renata Guida, in tune with the band formed by José Luiz Zambianchi (keyboard), Felipe Barão (guitar) and Rorato (drums).

If the scenic and musical interpretation have a positive impact, the text, signed by Walter Daguerre, is not left behind. With a strong influence from the poetic legacy left by the rock star (who left the band to live with Pamela in Paris and dedicate himself to literature), he sews well the dialogues of the Brazilian Morrison fan with the woman who appears in the cemetery – or would she just be the character's conscience making him better evaluate what he was doing there?


What: Musical Jim, with Eriberto Leão
When: Friday (30/09) and Saturday (01/10), at 20:XNUMX
Where: Pedro Ivo Theater (SC-401, at the State Government Administrative Center), in Florianópolis


Data sheet:
Text: Walter Daguerre
Directed by: Paulo de Moraes
Cast: Eriberto Leão and Renata Guida
Musicians: José Luiz Zambianchi (keyboards), Felipe Barão (guitar) and Rorato (drums)
Musical direction: Ricco Vianna
Scenography: Paulo de Moraes
Costumes: Rita Murtinho
Lighting: Maneco Quinderé
Sound engineering and operation: White
Sound operator: Arthur Ferreira
Light operator: Jarbas Alves
Stage director: Daniel Benevides
Assistant Director: José Luiz Junior
Lighting assistant: Russinho
Costume assistant: Luiza Moura
Visual Programming: Walter Daguerre
Photography: Marcelo Faustini
Social media: Matanay
Executive Producer: Carolina Consani and Roberta Marinho
Production and Press Relations: Barata Comunicação
Cheap Communication Team:
Producers: Elaine Moreira and Bruno Luzes
Financial: Mádia Barata
Press: Priscilla Santos


Bianca Backes
Photo: Disclosure


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