Morro do Careca in Balneário Camboriú will gain a suspended glass walkway and other attractions

In a bold initiative that promises to redefine the contours of adventure in Balneário Camboriú, Volare Empreendimentos Turísticos Ltda. has plans to install a suspended glass walkway in Morro do Careca. This ambitious project is inspired by the success of similar structures already built by the company, with the promise of offering visitors a unique experience and stunning views.

Crazy spin in Morro do Careca: the new sensation in the heights

In an exciting addition to Morro do Careca's range of attractions, Volare Empreendimentos Turísticos Ltda. is bringing something new for adrenaline seekers: the Giro Loco. This spinning toy, designed to push the limits of entertainment, will provide a breathtaking experience, combining speed and movement with a unique perspective on the surrounding landscape.

Masterfully positioned on the hillside, the Giro Loco will offer visitors the chance to delight in an unparalleled panoramic view, as they spin on an axis that promises to elevate the level of any adventure. Designed to harmonize with the natural environment and existing attractions, this new equipment is further proof of the company's commitment to creating unforgettable experiences.

The introduction of the Giro Loco is not only a breakthrough in terms of tourist attraction, but also a milestone in the evolution of adventure tourism in Balneário Camboriú. The project, aligned with the most stringent safety standards, is destined to become one of the most photographed and shared spots on social media, attracting visitors of all ages in search of excitement and new heights.

Climbing in style: the arrival of the funicular

To facilitate access to Morro do Careca, a funicular, a vehicle system on rails, will be implemented. This mode of transportation will not only provide a comfortable climb for visitors, but also blends into the landscape, offering a scenic journey to the top.

Skyglass bc: an ingenious landmark

Balneário Camboriú's tourist scene is about to be enriched with Skyglass BC, a structure that promises to be a feat of engineering and design. The suspended steel and glass platform, which is in the final stretch of development, will project over the sea, creating a panoramic viewing experience that defies heights and nature itself.

Engineers and designers are working meticulously to finalize the structural elements of Skyglass BC, ensuring that the platform's integration with the local landscape is not only safe but also aesthetically pleasing. The expectation is that precise information about how far the platform will advance into the sea will soon be released, a detail that has generated great expectation among future visitors and the local community.

This new point of tourist interest will add to the already famous views of Morro do Careca, which rises 104 meters above sea level and offers a spectacular panorama of the region, including Praia Brava de Itajaí and Praia Central de Balneário Camboriú . With the addition of Skyglass BC, Morro do Careca is destined to become an icon not only for engineering and design aficionados, but for everyone seeking enriching and memorable tourist experiences.

A panoramic look: the view from Morro do Careca

Dominating the coastline of Balneário Camboriú with its 104 meters high, Morro do Careca is already a privileged observation point, providing wide views that extend from the deep blue of Praia Brava de Itajaí to the busy promenade of Praia Central de Balneário Camboriú. With the imminent arrival of new attractions, these panoramic views are about to gain a new dimension of appreciation.

The view from the top of Morro do Careca is a living composition of nature and urban space, a picture that captures the essence of a region in constant evolution and beauty. The new structures promised by Volare Empreendimentos Turísticos Ltda., including the suspended glass walkway and the audacious Giro Loco toy, promise to further enhance the visual experience, offering visitors unprecedented angles and perspectives.

The integration of these attractions with the natural environment of the hill and the coastal panorama will create a unique visual synergy, transforming the place into one of the most photographed and admired, not only in Santa Catarina, but throughout the country. Morro do Careca, already considered one of the jewels of Balneário Camboriú, is on its way to becoming a true postcard, attracting visitors with the promise of a visual experience that combines the grandeur of nature with human ingenuity.

Balneário Camboriú: free flight destination

Balneário Camboriú is about to gain notoriety in the national hang gliding scene, thanks to the strategic vision of Volare Empreendimentos Turísticos Ltda. The company does not limit itself to increasing tourism with new physical structures; it aims to elevate the city to a prominent level as a hang gliding center in Brazil.

With the implementation of a new free flight ramp, the municipality hopes to attract sports enthusiasts and professionals from all over the country. The structure will be designed to meet the technical and safety specifications of the Brazilian Confederation of Free Flight and the National Civil Aviation Agency, ensuring that practicing the sport is not only exciting, but also extremely safe.

Furthermore, Volare plans to culturally enrich the site with the creation of a museum dedicated to the history of gliding. This cultural space will aim to educate visitors about the sport, showcasing the evolution of gliding and celebrating the achievements of the most renowned gliders. The combination of these initiatives aims to consolidate Balneário Camboriú as a reference point for hang gliding, providing a significant boost to adventure tourism and reinforcing the city's position as a multifaceted tourist destination.

An expanded view of Morro do Careca

The project under development in Morro do Careca is a manifestation of the vision of the future that Balneário Camboriú aims for. The planned integration of cutting-edge entertainment, interactive education and adventure sports promises to not only reinvigorate the tourist experience but also enrich local culture and lifestyle.

The transformation of this iconic hill into a tourist and sports complex, complete with free-flight ramps, grandstands, a modern funicular system and other facilities, is poised to redefine the city as a destination of national significance. The architectural novelties and attractions to come will, without a doubt, catapult Balneário Camboriú onto the national scene, attracting a constant flow of tourists and sports enthusiasts from all over Brazil.

This development is a testament to the city's ability to reinvent itself and adapt to new tourist trends, remaining a meeting point for those seeking unique experiences. Morro do Careca, with its promising future, is on the way to becoming more than a tourist spot: a symbol of innovation and human experiences that challenge the limits of the possible.

A New Perspective on Life and Investment

Marcos Godoy, specialist in the real estate market and Realtor in Balneário Camboriu, brings a revitalized view of this vibrant coastal city. "Balneário Camboriú goes beyond its recognition as a prestigious tourist destination, with its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. The city is transforming into a dynamic center for real estate investment, driven in part by the evolution and requalification of the emblematic Morro do Careca, " says Godoy.

Morro do Careca, an iconic tourist spot with undeniable natural beauty, is now at the center of this real estate transformation. Bold projects like OneTower, yachthouse e Aurora Exclusive Home reflect a new era of sophistication and modernity. They symbolize a promising future, not only changing the city's landscape, but also redefining the quality of life and investment opportunities in the region.

With spectacular views and innovative attractions such as free-flying ramps, a funicular and entertainment spaces in Morro do Careca, Balneário Camboriú is solidifying itself as a place where entertainment, luxury and economic opportunities converge. This promising scenario is perfect for investors looking not only for an exceptional quality of life, but also attractive financial returns.

"The reinvention of Morro do Careca is playing a crucial role in positioning Balneário Camboriú as a high-quality real estate investment destination. We are seeing growing interest from investors who recognize the city's unique potential, uniting natural beauty, modern infrastructure and stylish of high standard of living", concludes Godoy. The city is undoubtedly establishing a new paradigm for investment and luxury living in the region.

Featured projects

Marcos Godoy highlights three exemplary projects that illustrate the luxurious growth of the Balneário Camboriú real estate market.

  • One Tower presents itself as an expression of elegance and architectural innovation. This residential tower is designed to provide stunning waterfront views, promoting a unique lifestyle with premium amenities and direct beach access.
  • The Yachthouse stands out for being one of the tallest residential buildings in Brazil, marking its presence not only with its impressive height, but also with its contemporary design and luxury facilities, which include several swimming pools, gourmet areas and an exclusive marina.
  • On the other hand, Aurora Exclusive Home asserts itself as an urban sanctuary of pure refinement. Each apartment is designed to maximize comfort and privacy, situated in a privileged location that offers large leisure areas and state-of-the-art security systems.

These projects are the realization of the future vision for Balneário Camboriú, a city that not only attracts real estate investors, but also provides an exceptional quality of life, reflecting economic growth and the possibility of appreciation in the region.


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