South of Florianópolis Island: learn more about this paradise

Usually, tourists visiting Florianópolis tend to focus on beaches like Jurerê Internacional, Ingleses and Daniela, which are located in the north of the island. However, there is incredible life and a true paradise located in the south of the island of Florianópolis, with water like the Caribbean, white and warm sand, in addition to exuberant nature and great quality of life.

If you intend to move to Florianópolis or simply visit the city in the summer, then you should know more about the south of the island of Florianópolis, its neighborhoods, interesting points and the local lifestyle. After all, works were recently carried out at the local airport and on roads that better integrate the region and make access there easier.

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The south of Florianópolis Island is rich in nature

Videos of Floripa - Praia da Ilha do Campeche
Praia da Ilha do Campeche

One of the highlights is its exuberant and incredible nature. The region is less urbanized than the north or the center, although it is just beginning to develop.

Because of this, it is normal to find lagoons, beautiful beaches, trails in the middle of nature and tours in wonderful islands. For those who want to spend time in contact with all these beauties, you need to visit the South of the Island without delay.

One of the highlights of the region is Ilha do Campeche. There, about 800 people are allowed a day, not only because of the space, but also to preserve the region. Access can only be by boat. Once there, people can enjoy the rock inscriptions, indicating that men passed through there thousands of years ago. In addition, exotic animals can be seen and you can still enjoy the beach with transparent waters and no waves. It is also possible to practice diving, swimming with fish and enjoying the seabed.

The region is home to surfers and skaters

Surfing at Morro das Pedras Beach
Surfing at Morro das Pedras Beach

Most of the residents of the south of the island of Florianópolis are surfers and skaters. It's not hard to understand why, when we look at the beaches in the region. There, are the main waves of the city, as in the beaches of Campeche, Morro das Pedras, Matadeiro and Solidão.

Because of this, the region as a whole has a more focused style for the practice of physical activities, especially surfing, and a slightly lighter pace than one would expect from a Brazilian capital.

Thus, those who like to surf will find a home in the region, not only for making friends easily, but also for having all the infrastructure for the practice of the sport, including shops specialized in the subject.

The region has a very unique way of life.

Stand Up Crossing Campeche Island
Stand Up Crossing Campeche Island / Image Credit: Floripa Stand Up Paddle

As mentioned, the South of the Island is home to surfers, skaters and many people looking for a lifestyle with sports, interaction with nature and a slower pace than the standard of a busy city.

For this reason, the region reflects this way of life. There are more vegetarian restaurants, people play more sports and share it with neighbors.

In this way, the lifestyle ends up infecting those who visit or live in the region. It is common for a person to spend a few weeks in one of the southern neighborhoods and leave there like a surfer, for example.

The South of the Island is an amazing place in summer

Summer at Praia do Riozinho, in front of Campeche Island
Riozinho Beach - Campeche

It is true that Florianópolis receives million tourists in summer. Most of them end up going to the North of the Island, where they can enjoy the exciting nightlife in Jurerê Internacional.

However, the South of the Island is also a lovely place to spend your summer holidays. The beaches with incredible waves are one of the reasons, but it is there that you can find the best trails in town, the best boat trips and the houses with the best pools.

The region is developing at a rapid pace

Hercilio Luz International Airport - Floripa Airport
Hercílio Luz International Airport - Floripa Airport / Image Credits: Connect Drone

Recently, the South of the Island received some renovations and constructions to accelerate its development, namely a terminal at the local airport and a new highway connecting the entire island.

For this reason, the southern region has been receiving more investments for its development. The good part is that this development has been shaped by the local style, which ensures that there is more structure and options for residents, without losing the cultural and traditional characteristics of the region.

So, were you interested in spending some time in the south of the island of Florianópolis? So, how about looking for a property to live or rent for a season in a real estate in Morro das Pedras? It is one of the best neighborhoods in the region where you will be able to find exactly the type of house or apartment you are looking for to get to know these neighborhoods more closely.

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