Mobile games: a journey through the most popular genres

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There was a time when electronic games were polarized between computers and consoles. Players defended their favorite platforms tooth and nail and developers worked to deliver the best version of their titles for each of them. This duel came to an end with the arrival of smartphones.

Cell phones are par excellence the most popular tool of the Digital Age. As they are portable devices that connect to the internet anywhere and at any time, cell phones also have the best features of other devices, such as e-mails and instant messages on computers, and video games.

Currently, these devices have become Brazilians' favorite gaming platform. According to data from the Game Brasil 2024 Survey, the smartphones are the main alternative for 48,8% of respondents, leaving computers (22,6%) and consoles (21,7%) behind. This phenomenon does not happen by chance, the constant improvement in mobile devices and the growth of mobile games explain this success.

Next, we will learn about the most popular genres of mobile games and which titles are highlighted in each type. Check out:

The fascination with puzzles

Puzzle games attract users of all ages with their simple yet addictive gameplay. In 2023, the genre represented 20% of global mobile game revenue, this popularity is due to the relaxing and challenging nature of the puzzles, which provide players with an escape from routine and the opportunity to exercise their mental skills.

The list of renowned titles includes Candy Crush and Tetris, a console classic that has found a new home. Starting with Candy Crush, which is one of the cornerstones of mobile games, after all, this game has won over players of all ages and is consolidated as one of the most popular, with more than 2,7 billion downloads.

Tetris managed to adapt its geometric challenge to smartphones and bring together old fans and also win new admirers. The dynamics are the same, pieces of different shapes descend randomly and players must form complete lines to eliminate the occupied space and make way for new elements.

The power of mind games

Mind games offer players a fun way to train their cognitive skills. In 2023, the global market for this segment reached US$1,2 billion, this great demand is due to the growing importance of mental health and well-being.

This category includes games like Lumosity and blackjack, a casino classic that has gained new life in the digital universe. The first title is a renowned brain training app that offers a variety of games and activities to exercise different cognitive skills, such as memory, attention and problem solving.

Already black jack It is a traditional card game that requires a lot of calm and mathematical skills from its players. The modality took over the internet based on specialized platforms, which offer the best experience, with the traditional game mode and other variants that increase the level of challenge.

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The thrill of Battle Royale

Battle Royale games, such as PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, have conquered the world with their adrenaline and competitiveness. In 2023, the genre generated US$28,2 billion in global revenue. This craze is explained by the social and immersive nature of the games, which allow players to connect with friends and participate in exciting battles in real time.

Free Fire is an example of the growth of mobile games. The title can only be played on smartphones and its relevance is such that there are even professional championships in the sport, in these events teams from all over the world compete for titles and cash prizes.

PUBG is a classic of the genre and broke new ground with its PC version. Designed exclusively for smartphones, PUBG Mobile managed to reproduce all the dynamics of computers on cell phones without losing its essence, offering a quality experience for fans.

The mobile games industry is constantly evolving, offering players an ever-increasing variety of experiences. The puzzle, Battle Royale and mental genres are just a few examples of the diversity and potential of this segment that keep the culture gamer. With the increase in internet penetration and the power of smartphones, the future of mobile games is promising and full of opportunities.


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