Beach Office: Pousada Vila Tamarindo Eco Lodge offers space that combines leisure and productivity

Suites adapted for those who want to break the routine, even working remotely - with an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility for traveling executives or even residents of the Island

Overview of the bedrooms. Photo: William Schutz

In the midst of the current pandemic scenario, the Pousada Vila Tamarindo Eco Lodge, located in the south of the island, thought precisely of combining its well-known hosting service with a need that increased during this period: the home office. From the 01st of August, those who want to escape the routine of the “home office”, can opt for the category beach office, which has ideal environments to provide a union between quality work and leisure. 

In Vila Tamarindo's new service, two suites are offered adapted with office items (office, in English), aimed at the public that wants to give a “break” in the routine without losing productivity. All this in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, close to the beach and nature. In addition, the inn itself already has a climate that refers to the natural: the suites are surrounded by a wooded space full of freshness.

"An alternative to working online in the midst of nature" - says the digital influencers Melissa Hoffman.

The inn, which in November will complete 21 years of existence, is located at Avenida Campeche, number 1836, in Campeche. This location alone makes the place a destination that can be attractive: a 9-minute walk from Praia do Campeche and 9 km from Hercílio Luz International Airport, the place is also the way to the Center, as well as to very traditional neighborhoods of Ilha da Magia, such as Lagoa da Conceição and Rio Tavares.

But what is Beach Office?

The “Beach Office” is a broad and innovative concept, created for those looking for a peaceful environment, amidst the exuberant nature of the south of the island of Florianópolis. The suites provided by the inn accommodate up to 3 people in different formats, high performance workstations and several annexes and services that aim to serve the guest in a complete, efficient and safe way.

The functionality of the new service is described by the digital influencers Guigo Fernandes as a "opportunity to combine work and rest, leaving the routine lightly and with nature contact".

You can learn more about the initiative in the video below:

One of the advantages of the new space is exclusivity: the internet network available is used only by the new suites - completely avoiding excess traffic.

In addition, everything is thought so that the infrastructure of home office be functional - regardless of the particularities of each worker.

Check out details of the Beach Office, in the photographs by Alex Mello and Riko Floripa:

day use

For those who do not want or do not need to stay overnight at the inn, there is the option of day use to the Beach Office. It is ideal for those who will only use the suite during the day and can be a suitable choice for residents of Florianópolis or for those who are taking a quick visit to Campeche.

Other available workspaces

In addition to its Executive Luxury Suite, some environments were created that will bring support and versatility to the guest on the spot for different needs, they are:

Meeting room: located in annex to the reception building, the room is ideal for receiving up to 6 people. Opening hours from 09:20 to XNUMX:XNUMX - by appointment.

Meeting room. Photo: Alex Mello

Events Hall: ideal space to receive from 7 to 12 people (this is considered in a pandemic period as the room is approximately 50m²). It is available from Monday to Thursday, from 10 am to 17 pm and from Friday to Sunday, from 09 am to 21 pm. For the use of the space, contracting services for decoration with plants, as well as the adaptation of the space for videoconferences (to be consulted). 

Garden Kiosk: ideal for receiving up to 4 people for an informal meeting in the open air. includes table, chairs, coffee thermos, hot water thermos for tea or mate. Guest parking outside. Possible contracting of plant decoration, and audio visual structure in case of courses or lives, as needed. 

Gourmet Atelier: ideal for receiving up to 5 people for face-to-face, remote, lives or even rental to prepare a private and/or romantic dinner.  

All spaces above are offered for time rental. Additional information about scheduling and values ​​can be consulted by phone: (48) 3237-3464 or (48) 9 9183-3464 (WhatsApp).

Other attractions

The differentiated structure of the inn also includes pool, thatched bungalow, sun loungers and hammocks in the gardens.

To relax the body and mind, the inn has spaces for the practice of yoga and meditation, pilates, personal trainer and spa services. All these services are offered with special conditions for Beach Office customers who wish to combine their moment of productivity at work with their well-being.

Spa at Pousada Vila Tamarindo Eco Lodge. Image credit: SC Veggie

And when guests think it's all over, there's the famous homemade breakfast. The special menu was developed together with Coffee Point Bakery, next door to the inn, and is super complete.

In addition, it offers several quick options for executive meals for those who want to focus on work without losing productivity.

Security measures during the pandemic

As a measure to respect safety regulations and prevent the proliferation and contagion of the new coronavirus, guests are being strategically allocated, while the inn continues to work with reduced occupancy - for an indefinite period. According to the manager of Vila Tamarindo, Kito Ruas, all care is being taken to respect social isolation, as "often the guest has the impression that they are the only ones in the inn, because due to the large green areas and outdoors, it is not common to cross with other guests during their stay".

Acrylic partitions are installed, which allow a safe approach at the time of check in e check out - which are mostly done remotely in advance. Also at the time of check in, the temperature is measured with an infrared thermometer of everyone who enters the establishment.

Gel alcohol dispensers are scattered in several places of the inn, as well as sanitizing mats with disinfectant solution and ample signage throughout.

Following the measures above, it is forbidden for any guest to circulate through the living areas of the place without wearing a mask.  

It is also worth mentioning that the place is certified with two seals of recognition: Class A of Place Check Up e Responsible, Clean and Safe Tourism.

schedule yourself

For more information access:

And, to see more, check out the inn's profile on social networks, through @pousadavilatamarindo.

It is worth emphasizing the telephones for reservations: (48) 3237-3464 or (48) 9 9183-3464 (WhatsApp).

Address: Avenida Campeche, number 1836 - Campeche, Florianópolis/SC. CEP: 88063-300.

Reporting: William Schütz
Contact by email:


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