Multi Open Shopping operations provide online services and delivery in order to boost the local economy

During the coronavirus pandemic, the shopkeepers of the first open mall in the south of the island of SC present safe alternatives for customers and consumers

It is a fact that the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is among the most talked about subjects in recent days. And it is at this moment that small attitudes and initiatives make a big difference. And the Multi Open Shopping, the first and only open-air shopping mall in the southern region of the island of Santa Catarina, which carries well-being and quality of life at its core, follows the guidelines and measures presented by public and health bodies. . The enterprise values ​​the actions of the operations and is following the alternatives offered to clients and consumers, either through online services or by deliveries.

The service of operations is in accordance with decree 525/2020 of the Government of Santa Catarina and all establishments continue to maintain hygiene rules and are avoiding the agglomeration of employees in stores. Orders are made through delivery apps, social media and WhatsApp.

gastronomic delivery

Among the gastronomic operations, Botânico – Colheita Criativa (@botanicofloripa – 48 99175-5367), Costelaria Ponta D´Agulha (@pontadagulha – 48 3207-5015), Organic Press ( – 48 99809-4538), Shaka Fresh and Green (@shakafreshandgreen – 48 98827-5150) and Tudo em Graos Floripa (@tudoemgraosfloripa – 48 99103-2636), are already providing service in the delivery format. Café Cultura is delivering only coffeeshop products and orders are made by phone (48) 9 9987-4477.

In the next few days, other operations such as 900 Sports Pub (@900sportspub – 48 98807-4676) and Poke's Original Hawaii (@pokesfloripa) will also start operating with delivery suggestions.

To check the hours and days of service, the suggestion is to access the social networks of each establishment. In these spaces, the public will also be able to find the menu of options to choose from.

Valuing the local economy

With the objective of enhancing and strengthening the local economy, some Multi operations are also offering the option to purchase vouchers that will be able to be used when the establishments reopen to the public.

And right now, the advance purchase of products or services is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to help small local businesses. That's why, combining the need with the customer's demand, Meu Salão offers three options of monthly combos.

The combos offered are: four simple manicures, worth R$93,60, four simple manicures + two simple pedicures for R$145,80 and four medium brushes worth R$252,00. They can be purchased via WhatsApp (48 99122-8811) or Instagram @meusalaofloripa. Payment is by transfer and online voucher will be sent by email or WhatsApp. The establishment is also offering products and the catalog can be requested by the salon's contacts.

And Rebel Circus is offering a voucher with 50% off the free plan. It is valid for all Studio activities and can be purchased by direct from Instagram (@rebelcircus_fln).

900 Sports Pub, on the other hand, offers four voucher options where the person buys one, ranging from R$100 to R$400, and earns a percentage on top of it. O voucher It is valid for one year and the person can use it to buy any product from the establishment. They can be purchased by WhatsApp from burger 48 98807-4676.

Another Open Shopping restaurant, Porto Oliveira Gastronomia, also offers vouchers with progressive discounts. It does not need to be consumed in a single day and can be used within a year. To acquire one of them, between R$ 100 and R$ 500, it is necessary to contact direct on Instagram @portooliveiragastronomia or WhatsApp (48) 98438-7331.

Online sales

Some shopkeepers are also offering the service of selling products online, either through social networks or whatsapp. Brisa Tabacaria e Presentes (@brisatabacaria) is operating in this format by phone / whatsapp 48 98805-8663. MIDI Concept orders (@midiconceptstore) can be made directly on the brand's instagram direct. Santa Ventura (@santaventurastore) is also making sales online through instagram and through whatsapp from the store, 48 98854-7243.

At Terra Maya Cosmética Natural (@terramayacosmetica) the service for online sales is by whatsapp 48 99164-5621. Aromo Casa (@aromocasa) also provides service via whatsapp 48 98476-8582 and Bruna Tessaro Relojoaria e Ótica (@brunatessarojoais) is making sales on the website

Phonebox Floripa (phoneboxfloripa) is receiving requests and requests for technical assistance via whatsapp from the store (48 99156-6799).

Tips and video lessons

And during the quarantine, some operations are offering tips and video classes on social media. The Connected Training Club (@clubinhofloripa) and Rebel Circus (@rebelcircus_fln) are holding live classes on instagram. The times and days of the videos are published on each one's social networks.

Barbearia Vip Rio Tavares (@barbeariavipriotavares) and Letraria Livros (@letrarialivros) are sharing tips on their networks.

On duty at Multimed

The Multimed Clinic (@multimedoficial) provides on-call service with a general practitioner for consultations and emergency exams from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 20 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm.

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Source: Multi Open Shopping press office - Juliano Zanotelli.
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